Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: Cries and Whispers

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Blanca’s death was a huge shocker in the previous episode of “Devious Maids” Season 3 and in the latest episode, Episode 8 “Cries and Whispers” has had the media in a frenzy, pointing fingers at Blanca calling her “the killer maid.” Read on for more details.

Genevieve told Zoila that Christopher is moving to her home. Zoila doesn’t think this is a good idea,but she opted to keep her mouth shut. When Christopher arrived, she overheard him telling Genevieve that her relationship with Zoila isn’t healthy as it is very close. Zoila was taken aback and somehow thought that Christopher has a point so she told Genevieve that she’s moving out.

Carmen and Jacklyn were discussing her album when Sebastien called Carmen. She answered the call and Jacklyn overheard it. It is why she opted that they all go out on a double date that night so they will be able to get to know each other more. Jacklyn thinks this is a good idea since they will be working together for quite some time and it will be a great way to find common ground. Of course, Carmen doesn’t want to but she doesn’t have a choice so she brought someone else to their “double date.”

During the date, Sebastien was openly flirting with the waitress and Jacklyn walked out on them. Carmen followed and told her that she doesn’t deserve a man like that’ Jacklyn agreed and instead of going for a hug, she kissed Carmen. WHAT???

Marisol met up with another potential customer but the customer wants her for himself. Jesse was enraged and kicked the guy out. He even told him that if he comes he’ll kill him. Marisol was surprised by Jesse’s behaviour. When they went out that night at a bar, she tried talking to Jesse to not react that way again. Then, a girl started flirting with Jesse and Marisol just couldn’t help it that she also pinned the girl down. They finished the night by getting into the shower together. Before Jesse took his clothes off, he took off his gun that he was hiding at the back of his jeans first and hid it in his backpack. Uh-oh, something’s really up with this Jesse guy.

In other news, Michael showed Taylor Blanca’s necklace and Taylor still insist that she doesn’t know anything.  Michael shouldn’t take that to the police because then the police will start questioning them and they don’t want them to dig deeper, which can unravel how they got Katie.

Ernesto had an unexpected visitor, Hector and we found out that Ernesto isn’t telling the truth after all. The Mexican cartel leader is actually looking for him and wants him back because he is one of the best guys he’s had. Ernesto got scared. It was because if he didn’t comply with El Jefe’s demands, he might go after his family. The next thing he did was to snoop on Rosie while at work but Michael found him.

He apologised and said that he’s only looking out for his wife. She might be in danger after what happened to their previous maid. Rosie was upset that Ernesto did this that she said she’s fine and then Ernesto saw Katie and called her Violeta! He knows Katie and Katie ran away from him.

Upon seeing Violeta, er, Katie, Ernesto had a change of heart. She said that Rosie should work for the Stappords. Then, he talked to Hector with a negotiation in mind. It turns out, El Jefe wants Katie and Ernesto is willing to give her to him if he stays away from his family and let him free.

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