Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: From Here to Eternity

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Things are getting weirder in “Devious Maids” Season 3 Episode 2 “From Here to Eternity.” Read below for the full recap:

After the cliffhanger of a bloody living room and a leg in the garden, Blanca chose to stick around and help clean up the “murder scene.” While doing so, Blanca was even praising Mrs. Stappord for being so brave. It was because it turns out that Taylor told her that a robber broke into their house and she stabbed the guy – too many times making him run away. Blanca suggested that she reports it to the police. Taylor really doesn’t want to and asked her to not tell a single soul about it. Well, in that case it looks like Taylor is lying about something.

Meanwhile, Remi got accepted to a medical school in New York and he wants Valentina to go with him. So, he proposed. They went to Zoila to tell her about the news. Zoila wasn’t happy at all because her daughter is still so young to get married.

Zoila had a date with Javier but she was too focused on her daughter’s engagement and all she did was talk about Valentina. Little did she know that Javier was actually planning to propose to her. Somehow, even with all the talking and the preoccupied Zoila, he still managed to make his plan work. Now, Zoila has to take back what she told Valentina. She tell her that she’s getting married too and there’s a baby on the way.

Cops arrived at the Stappords who questioned Taylor if she’s noticed anything the past few days because they are investigating a murder case. Taylor said she didn’t notice anything and Blanca overheard the whole thing. She then had a feeling (finally) that Taylor is lying. She confronted her and then she packed up her things. Just when she was about to leave, Taylor told her not to tell the cops about anything because she doesn’t want anyone meddling with their family’s business. And then she told her that it’s because they illegally adopted Kate.

Valentina arrived at her mother’s house. When Zoila broke the news to her, she was so mad at her mother for being pregnant and about to get married just months after her father died. However, Zoila still didn’t tell her the truth about the paternity of the baby that she’s carrying in her womb. Valentina told her that she will never have her support and left.

Remi told Valentina to talk to her mother again and Valentina realized that she was upset because her mother is starting a family without her. Zoila said the same thing and in the end, they decided to support each other. Valentina came home to Remi and told him to wait for her and not rush into marriage.

Blanca went to Marisol to ask for help in finding a new job. Marisol ask what happened Blanca didn’t tell her the details and only said that Taylor was asking for more than she expected. Marisol told her that if the employer asks more from you, she should ask more in return. She went back to Taylor and told her that she will work for her still as long as she helps her, too. Blanca wants to go to college and Taylor agreed to pay for her tuition in exchange for her silence.

When Blanca was cleaning Katie’s room, she found a very disturbing painting that resembles the murder scene. Curious, she started to dig more and found a drawing of a little girl holding a knife and she also saw a painting of a bleeding man on the floor.

Also, another shocker this episode is Ernesto is still alive and he’s looking for Rosie!

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