‘Devious Maids’ Season 3 Recap: Olivia Locked Up and Genevieve’s in Trouble

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Olivia has shown her psycho side and we are getting nearer to find out who really killed Blanca in the latest episode of “Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 11 “Terms of Endearment.” Read below for the full recap.

Rosie is planning a birthday party for Miguel and Taylor allowed her to use her house while she and Katie are away. Spence took this opportunity to get closer to Rosie by helping her with the part preparations. Ernesto arrived with his friend from the Mexican cartel who came as a disguised clown. He is there to snoop around so they know when their next action plan would be, which is to get Katie back. Spence grew suspicious when he noticed that the clown isn’t acting like a clown at all so he followed him and he found him in Katie’s room taking pictures. He called him out and asked to see his phone and from then they got into a fight and Ernesto also tried to break the fight.

Meanwhile, Olivia shaved her head and is telling everyone especially Michael that she has cancer. Marisol isn’t buying it and she tried to tell Michael about this but Michael only got mad at her and sticks up to Olivia. Jesse is working for Olivia and although he tried to stop Marisol from ratting out Olivia, he found out that she is only faking her cancer so Michael would move in with her. He then told Marisol about his discovery so Marisol went to Michael again. Michael confronted Olivia and she finally confessed that she’s only faking the cancer.

Olivia was furious at Marisol and threatened to kill her. She also mentioned that she paid someone to have an affair with Taylor. Marisol also tried to find out if she killed Blanca but she said she doesn’t have anything to do with that. Right on cue, Jesse arrived before Olivia stabs Marisol and he’s the who got stabbed. Don’t worry, Jesse’s okay! However, he decided to go back to Seattle with his sisters because he thinks there’s more peace there. While Olivia was sent to a psych facility.

Joy told Zoila Dr. Neff’s secret – that he is broke. Zoila wants to tell Genevieve right away but when she arrived home she found Dr. Neff about to propose to Genevieve so she tried to fake her labor to delay the proposal and get a chance to talk to Genevieve. When they are in the hospital, she told Genevieve about what she found out and Genevieve didn’t believe her at first until Dr. Neff asked for her card to get Zoila a better room in the hospital. Genevieve asked Dr. Neff about the whole “broke” situation and he said that it is because he donated most of his money to the hospital and then he made her choose – him or Zoila. Genevieve chose Dr. Neff and finally let go of Zoila. It turns out, Dr. Neff isn’t broke at all! He paid Joy to tell Zoila that because they are cooking up a plan. You better watch out, Genevieve!

Evelyn is having a hard time discipling Deon until Carmen stepped in. She appreciated the gesture and when she left, we saw Carmen looking a a photo of a newborn baby and getting emotional. Is she already a mother?

Back at Taylor’s house, Ernesto and Rosie is cleaning up the place when Rosie found out that the pillows were stained in blood. She then realised that something bad happened in that room and then Ernesto’s friend shows up at Spence’s place. It looks like he’s out to get Spence after Ernestro told him to leave him be. Oops.

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