Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: She Done Him Wrong

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 6 “She Done Him Wrong” put Adrian’s life at risk while Evelyn comes up with a good negotiation for Adrian. Marisol and Jesse are hitting it off while Michael found out the truth behind Taylor’s pill overdose. Read below for the full recap:

Adrian is threatening to blackmail Carmen if she doesn’t submit to her weird fetish and so Carmen is left with no choice but to follow what Adrian wants. This episode, Adrian wants to be electrocuted and Carmen did what she was told but it didn’t end well because Adrian passed out in his leather outfit. Carmen called Sebastien for help and when they got to the hospital, Evelyn thanked Carmen for being there and even called her an “angel.”

However, the doctors found out about the weird fetish that Adrian has from his wounds and Evelyn figured it out and had Carmen fired but hired her back because she can get sued for the illegal way of firing Carmen. So, she has something to offer to Adrian: give her a child and he can continue on with his weird fetish. What urged Evelyn to want to have a child was when she found Katie in her yard and took her inside.

Meanwhile, Taylor is still alive and Michael is hoping that with all the pills thats she took they will be able to extract some useful information from her. Michael felt bad because of how he left Taylor before she “overdosed.” Little did he know, Taylor didn’t overdose and he’s about to learn the truth. Michael asked Marisol to look over for Katie when he’s at the hospital and Marisol agreed. She also promised to help him get a new maid.

When Michael came home he saw the bottle of pills in Katie’s room and Katie said that she was only trying to help her mom because she was sad. Michael got so mad at her and Katie ran away and stumbled upon Evelyn.

As for Zoila, she is not too happy with Reina’s presence and she is willing to do whatever it is to get rid of her. So, she went to Reina’s soon to be ex-husband, Victor and tried to talk to him to not divorce Reina. Victor said that her sister cheated on her several times but Zoila who desperately wants her sister out of her house said that there’s nothing that they couldn’t fix. So, Victor told her that Reina slept with Pablo.

Zoila was in shock and immediately went home to confront her sister. However, Zoila got into an accident while fighting with Reina that she fell down the stairs. Don’t worry, though because she’s fine and she also found out the gender of her baby: it’s a GIRL! However, due to her broken ankle she needs Reina’s help.

Marisol and Jesse are really getting it on. After the almost kiss, which left Marisol disappointed, Jesse confessed that he was only being a gentleman because he wants things right with her and then after that failed kiss, they kissed for the very first time and it was so good it gave us the feels!

Rosie is battling with her emotions because she kissed Ernesto and now she feels guilty. She even tried to have Ernesto sign the annulment papers but he refused. Now, she doesn’t know what to do.

Carmen told Sebastien that Evelyn knows about her and Adrian. Surprisingly, Sebastien is cooking up a plan to not be married anymore. I wonder what that plan is!

When Katie came back home, Michael had a heart-to-heart talk with her and told her never to run away again because bad people are looking for her. Then Katie asked her if her name now is Katie and he said yes.

What is the real deal with Katie?

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