Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: Since You Went Away

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Finally after weeks of speculations about that missing leg found at the garden, we finally found out whose leg it is in “Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 4 “Since You Went Away.” Read below for the full recap.

Let’s start off with Rosie and Ernesto who finally had time to talk. Ernesto told Rosie that while he was away all he could think of was the thought of Rosie. It kept him moving and now that he’s here he wants to get back together again. However, Rosie told him honestly that he has moved on and he’s happy with Spence. Well, you can’t blame her,  who would have thought that Ernesto is still alive after years of knowing that he’s dead?

Ernesto was hurt of course, but he understood yet he asked Rosie one favor. He needs too give Miguel to him so they could both live in Mexico. Rosie was surprised with Ernesto’s demand, but she didn’t answer him straight away. Instead, she talked to Spence first. He tried to convince him that they move to Mexico but then it dawned on Spence that Rosie is doing this for Ernesto. Rosie assured him that it’s not because she still wants to be with him, but she feels bad because he would be left with nothing. Spence then came up with a different plan.

Rosie and Spence talked to Ernesto and offered to help him extend his visa so he could spent more time with Miguel and even offered to help him find an apartment nearby. Ernesto wasn’t thrilled by the idea at all because he knows that Spence only wants to keep a close eye on him.

Jesse is now working with Gail and while he was taking care of the flowers he found a severed hand! Gail told him to throw it into the Powell’s since they already had a leg. Disturbed by this discovery, Jesse went to Marisol to tell her about the hand. Marisol went to Gail and confronted her about the hand and she gave her two options, both involves the cops. Eventually, Gail promised to put the hand back where Jesse found it. Then, he fired Jesse for telling Marisol about it. No worries because Marisol took Jesse in and he’s now working for her.

Carmen came over to Taylor’s house to ask for Blanca, but Taylor lied and said that Blanca left. She said that Blanca quit the night before without leaving a note or anything and took everything with her. Taylor is acting more suspicious. Michael has noticed this so he asked Katie about what’s happening in the house and Katie said that a man came over last night.

Michael confronted Taylor and accused her of having an affair, but Taylor denied it and said that it was the Thai delivery guy. Michael said he would believe her now. It was because he knows that he will get to the bottom of things and unravel why Taylor’s acting so nervous the past few weeks.

The cops were finally able to identify the severed hand found at Gail’s rose bushes and it turns out to be Mr. Becker’s. They also found out that the man has a relationship with Genevieve that didn’t end well so they went to her house to ask questions. Taylor looked even more nervous. It was especially when she watched the news about the case saying that the cops are getting closer to the suspect. And then we saw her pop some pills into her mouth.

Why is Taylor so agitated? Is she the one behind the crime? Where do you think Blanca is? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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