Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: The Awful Truth

By April Lara | 3 years ago

In “Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 3 “The Awful Truth,” a wedding was called off, Rosie found out about Ernesto and Blanca has been captured by a masked person! Read below for the full recap:

So Ernesto is still alive after all and he went straight away to the hospital to look for Rosie. However, Ernesto started to ask more information and the nurse informed him that the hospital can’t give out such information but Ernesto was persistent so they had to call Spence to let them know that a guy from Mexico is freaking out at the hospital looking for Rosie. Spence told the nurse to tell the “guy” that Rosie doesn’t want to see him ever again and Spence actually thought that it was only a sick joke and someone’s pretending to be Ernesto.

In other news, Javier and Zoila asked Genevieve if she could be witness to their married. Genevieve then offered to host their wedding at her house and assigned herself not only the witness, the maid-of-honor but also the wedding planner upon hearing that the two was planning a court wedding because Javier has to leave for a restaurant opening.

The girls accompanied Zoila to fit wedding gowns and Rosie noticed that Zoila’s belly appears to be bigger than expected. She out the pieces together and realized that the real father of the baby Zoila’s carrying is Pablo and Zoila came clean and told her the truth.

Another maid came to town, Jesse, a guy who came to Marisol looking for a job. At first, Marisol was hesitant but Jesse managed to convince her to help him look for a maid job in town.

Zoila also unraveled some dirt about Javier’s past when he found out that the caterer to their wedding is Javier’s ex-wife. He never mentioned being married before so this really surprised Zoila. Genevieve told her that they’re now even.

Meanwhile, Blanca questioned Katie’s drawings and the child admitted that she is the child in the drawing holding the knife and that’s her father whom she stabbed. Blanca came to Taylor to tell her about what she found out but Taylor was surprised and thinks Blanca is being crazy. What’s even weirder is that Michael is alive… so does that mean that the “father” Katie is pertaining to in the drawing is her real dad?

Spence met up with Ernesto and Ernesto told him that he spent the past 5 years as captive by a drug cartel. He told Ernesto to give him time to tell Rosie about him but Ernesto thinks that Spence is only delaying because he’s afraid that Rosie might choose him. So he followed Spence on his way home.

Before Javier and Zoila get married, Javier came clean to Zoila about him being married before and right on cue Ernesto chose this as the perfect time to make his appearance. Rosie saw him and fainted and when she woke up, Spence came clean about knowing about Ernesto and Rosie was so mad.

Zoila overheard the whole thing and this urged her to finally come clean to Javier. Javier didn’t take it well and called off the wedding.

After the wedding, Blanca came home to an empty Stappords residence and then a masked person came behind her and dragged her away.

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