Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: The Talk of The Town

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Another week, another new episode of “Devious Maids” Season 3 and in Episode 5 “The Talk of The Town” we were given another HUGE cliffhanger. Read below for the full recap:

Let’s start off with the “love triangle” Rosie, Ernesto, and Spence. Since Rosie and Spence have both agreed to help Ernesto stay in the U.S., which Ernesto took reluctantly. Spence is now worried that his Sundays with Miguel would be taken away from him since he is persistent to instill to the child to go to church ever Sundays. Now since Ernesto is back, his schedule with Miguel is every Sundays. He talked to Rosie about this and Rosie agreed to talk to Ernesto and hope that he would be willing to change days.

When Rosie got to Ernesto’s house, he was greeted by Ernesto only in a towel and it made her forget what she came there for. She snapped out of it. He told Ernesto about the situation and Ernesto agreed to switch days and Rosie hurried out of there immediately before anything happens. You see here, Rosie has also been having dreams of her and Ernesto having sex and with Ernesto looking good. The temptation may just be a little harder to fight off. We’ll see how this goes in the coming episodes.

Carmen has agreed to be Adrian’s dominatrix mistress, but Marisol saw them in action: Carmen in a leather suit, whipping Adrian. After that, Carmen went to Marisol’s place. Marisol immediately told her to stop whatever she’s doing with Adrian and Carmen agreed. However, Adrian won’t let her off the hook that easily!

Adrian has a feeling that Carmen is seeing someone that she shouldn’t be seeing so he spied on her and found out that Carmen is seeing Sebastian! He used this to threaten her that if she stops being his mistress, he will let that secret out. Now, Carmen is left with no choice but to agree to Adrian’s wishes.

Genevieve didn’t tell the cops everything about her relationship with Louie. Zoila asked her to tell everything. Finally, Genevieve told her that the reason that she didn’t tell everything because she was embarrassed. She and Louie had a sex tape and it’s not just about that. It’s also because they did a weird sex move there that could ruin Genevieve’s reputation at the club if it gets out. She’s also worried that Christopher would stop liking her if he founds out about this.

Zoila called Carmen to seek advice about Genevieve’s sex tape but ever the big mouth that she is, Carmen told Evelyn about Genevive’s secret. Evelyn, who wants revenge on Genevieve, immediately went to the tennis club to talk to one of Louie’s friends and paid him to show her the sex tape. Just in time, she saw Genevieve having lunch with Christopher and that’s when she let the video go viral and everyone at the restaurant saw that as it notified on their phones. Surprisingly, Christopher wasn’t bothered at it all. Genevieve was so happy that she decided to go with him to Greece but she’s mad at Zoila for telling her secret that she said she’s leaving her alone with the new baby.

Michael was able to reach one of Blanca’s relatives, but he found out that Blanca’s relatives are also looking for her. They also told him that Blanca has been receiving extra money from the Stappords. Michael confronted Taylor about this, but she denied it saying that she gave her money because she’s doing great work so she decided to help her with her college tuition. However, Michael caught her in a lie because before he confronted her Taylor was complaining about Blanca’s service.

Michael accused her of having an affair once again, but Taylor quickly denied that. He then revealed that he sent Louie that night to spy on her if she’s having an affair. Michael was so upset that Taylor still wouldn’t tell her anything that she left and stayed at a hotel.

Katie saw her mom upset so she took some pills and put it on her mom’s wine glass. When Marisol came over the next day, Katie answered the door and told Marisol that her mom hasn’t been up. Marisol saw Taylor on the couch, unconscious.

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