‘Devious Maids’ Season 3 Recap: The Truths Are Starting To Come Out

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Things are really getting crazy every minute in “Devious Maids” Season 3 and in its latest episode, more and more things are starting to unravel, pushing them closer to find out the truths. Read on to know more details.

Evelyn and Adrian are very happy with Deon and they are now planning to adopt him for good. Until Carmen called Adrian to tell him that the private investigator that he hired has found Deon’s father and wants to talk with him. Adrian cooked up a plan- he sent Evelyn and Deon for a vacation in Europe and he and Carmen played the role of Deon’s parents. They found someone who could play Deon. Devon’s father came and things were going so well until Evelyn and the real Deon came home early. That’s when things really got messed up and Deon’s real father is now determined to take him home. Adrian told Evelyn the truth about hiring a private investigator before because he doesn’t want Deon at first. Evelyn told him that if she loses Deon, he would lose her too.

Taylor and Katie are back from their vacation and Rosie asked her about the stain on the couch. Taylor immediately said that she split wine on the couch. Rosie didn’t buy it and told Marisol about it. Marisol advised her to putting Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain and if it bubbles, it means its blood. Just when she was about to do that, the couch is gone! Taylor said that because of the stain that Rosie pointed out, it’s time that she gets a new one. Clearly, Taylor is guilty and hiding something.

Meanwhile, the Mexican drug carter that Ernesto works for, is getting really impatient. So Ernesto cooked up a plan to distract Rosie while he is at the Stappord’s, so Hector could sneak in and take Katie. The plan didn’t work because Katie didn’t go down without a fight. Ernesto then told Hector to leave. When they talked, he said that he can’t do it anymore but Hector threatened him that if he doesn’t do what he was ordered, he could end up like Spence. Is Spence dead? That’s something we don’t know YET!

Taylor then told Rosie about Katie’s history. She said that Katie’s father was a journalist who was covering a murder case but got killed while doing so. Taylor went with Michael that time to Mexico and a friend of Katie’s father asked them to take Katie for her safety. They did so and smuggled Katie to America. With that, Rosie figured out that Ernesto is behind everything. She confronted him and was so disgusted at him when he revealed the truth.

Zoila is looking for a new job and she went to Gail. Gail insulted her when they met but she took everything without losing it because she badly needs a job for her baby. As for Genevive, she took out Joy for lunch and that’s when Joy felt guilty and said that she lied to her and it was all Dr. Neff’s plan because he wanted to get rid of Zoila. When Dr. Neff came home at Genevieve’s, he saw his bags all packed by the door. He tried to reason out with her but Genevieve doesn’t want to hear what he has to say anymore.

After playing “pretend” with Adrian, Carmen finally revealed that she got pregnant before but put the baby for adoption. She got sad and went to Sebastien… for a shoulder to cry on, perhaps? Well, we hope so.

Marisol told Rosie that she found Taylor’s couch at a furniture store and when they tried putting on Hydrogen Peroxide, it did produce bubbles, which means it’s really blood.

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