Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: The Turning Point

By April Lara | 2 years ago

In “Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 7 “The Turning Point”, another death happened while Rosie found comfort in Ernesto’s arms and also is starting to unravel the truth about Katie. Read below for the full recap:

Zoila is really determined to have her sister out of her house and her life, too. However, she can’t get anything done with her crutches and she really does need some help. She found Reina sneaking around with guys again and that’s when she had it and came up with a plan: call Genevieve and tell her to come back home because it’s an emergency. Genevieve did come home.

Genevieve and Zoila hatched up a plan to have Reina thrown out and since Genevieve owns the house, it would be much better if she’s the one who tells her to leave. So, Genevieve took Reina out but Reina didn’t get outsmarted by her sister because she knew what they were up to so she started telling stories about how Zoila will talk about Genevieve while she wasn’t around and also her sob story that sold Genevieve.

Disappointed, Zoila is not that ready to give up so she asked Genevieve to have dinner with her leaving Reina all alone in the big house. When they got back, they found a naked man and Reina all dressed in Genevieve’s clothes. Genevieve apologised to Zoila for not believing her in the first place and she threw Reina out of her house.

Meanwhile, in “Devious Maids” Season 3, things are getting better between Marisol and Jesse. Jesse even insisted that he goes with Mariol to a charity event since Zoila isn’t available due to her broken ankle. However, Marisol  isn’t that thrilled yet to take Jesse out but he was insistent so she obliged.

Things suddenly turned a bit sour when a customer came over to Marisol who actually thought she is an escort because Gail told her that Marisol was paying Jesse for sex. Horrified, Marisol decided to fire Jesse because she couldn’t have him working for her if they are pushing thru with their relationship. Surprisingly, Jesse agrees.

In other “Devious Maids” happenings, Rosie has finally left Spence and told Ernesto that she found a job where Miguel could live in as well. Ernesto suggested that they live together but Rosie said that she wants to take things slow because things have changed over the years and she’s unsure whether living together right away is a good idea. However, when Ernesto invited her over for dinner things got steamy and it seems like living together would be considered by Rosie.

Blanca is alive! Finally we saw her. She’s locked up in a some kind of a house basement and tied up in a mattress. We saw a guy wearing black clothes delivering her food and no matter how many times she try to plead to let her out, the guy just wouldn’t listen. Oh, and we didn’t see his face.

Rosie is now working with the Stappords and taught Katie play a Mexican game and was surprised that Katie knows the words to it. This got Rosie even curious especially that Katie claims to come from Argentina. Next day, she brought her a Mexican candy and Katie was so happy. Rosie then told her that she can keep secrets and somehow, Katie bought it and showed her Blanca’s necklace. Now, Rosie is onto the case!

Meanwhile, an adoption agency interviewed Evelyn and she really is not familiar with the process but she really wants a baby. She learned that Zoila is having a baby and offered to pay her in exchange of her baby but Zoila didn’t agree. So what she did next was bribe the adoption agency to get her on top of the list because she couldn’t wait any longer!

Carmen performed once again and a scouting agent offered to sign her. She was surprised to find out that the president of the company is Sebastien’s wife. It turns out that that was Sebastien’s plan. He wants his wife to sign Carmen so Carmen would start earning money and by then, Sebastien can leave his wife because Carmen will be earning loads! Carmen didn’t like his idea and almost turned down the deal but was challenged by Sebastien’s wife so she signed.

In the shocker for this episode pf “Devious Maids,” Evelyn was house-hunting for child-friendly place and she was led to a house where apparently, where Blanca is. Blanca also almost escaped and she found that the place resembles a shrine for Louie Becker. However, the guy caught up with him and when Evelyn entered the house, they saw Blanca hanging from the ceiling and written on the floor is “Forgive Me.” Well, it looks like the guy behind this wants to make it look like it’s suicide.

Who is this guy? Or is he a he or a she?

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