“Diamond Lover”, Rain’s First Chinese Drama, Earns A Huge Success

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“Diamond Lover”, Rain’s First Chinese Drama, Earns A Huge Success
Rain (Singer). April 30, 2005. Wikimedia Commons/photoren/Uploaded by AaronY

Asian entertainers, singers and actors, as of the past few years, have taken the world by storm, and have broken all sorts of barriers by their brilliant performances and by releasing albums in countries that aren’t their own. However, among these widely known and popular entertainers that have gone on to become household names today, none is as popular, and as successful as the South Korean singer, entertainer, and actor known as Rain, who has just recently mesmerized fans and viewers alike, as he is currently airing in the Chinese drama “Diamond Lover”, which, according to the ratings, has gone on to be a huge success. Read on to learn more about this story.

Rain, a South Korean entertainer, singer, and actor, who has performed around Asia and in the United States, has quickly won the hearts of the Chinese, as he is currently starring in the DMG Entertainment television drama, “Diamond Lover” or “Love is Like Diamonds”, alongside leading lady Tiffany Tang.

According to DMG Entertainment’s press release, Rain’s first ever lead role in a Chinese television series centers around Rain’s Xiao Liang, a lonely and “manipulative business executive”, who owns a diamond company, who, according to K Drama Stars, ends up meeting Tiffany Tang’s Mi Duo, a woman who had previously undergone plastic surgery, and who helps him to become a better person .

According to K Drama Stars, the actor did all his lines in Korean, and were later dubbed into Chinese.

The report also went on to say that the drama, since it was aired on July 22, 2015, has gone on to be a success as both K Drama Stars and K Pop Starz have reported that the drama has already garnered around 3.3 billion views.

The drama, as of August 18, 2015 has aired forty two episodes out of sixty eight.

K Pop Starz also mentioned that the drama was hailed as one of the “Top Trendiest Dramas” in China, and reported that the soundtrack of “Diamond Lover”, which features tracks by Rain, who also produced it, has been topping the charts as well.

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Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/photoren/Uploaded by AaronY

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