Leonardo DiCaprio goes wild in the Wolf of Wallstreet!

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest project, The Wolf of Wallstreet has him doing things that would definitely shock his fans all over. The movie has him doing things that he might wish he didn’t have to do but then again, it is also important for the movie to portray the debauchery that went on during the 90s in Wall Street.

Getting into too much detail of the Leo’s depiction might result in the scene becoming a bit too graphic so we’ll simply give a clean over view of what goes down during Leo’s wild scene. The scene includes copious amounts of cocaine and prostitutes and we would probably be seeing Leo, shoving drugs into a certain orifice of a naked woman. He says these eyebrow-raising scenes were crucially important to illustrate the outrageous hedonism of 1990s Wall Street.

Leonardo said: “You detach yourself from your own individuality for the accurate portrayal of a character … It was a fun process because there were really no limits to what we could do. Because Jordan’s biography depicted stuff that we could have never imagined.”

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Wolf of Wall Street is based on Belfort’s book of the same name and follows the ambitious penny stockbroker throughout the ’90s as he builds a multi-million dollar empire, which eventually collapses amid an avalanche of fraud and money laundering charges.

The movie has been directed by Martin Scorsese’s and will hit the cinemas on December 25th 2013 in the USA.

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