Did Chris Brown Just Post His Crotch Bulge on Instagram? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
Did Chris Brown Just Post His Crotch Bulge on Instagram? [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi/April 15, 2012 | Chris Brown Performs at Supafest 3 Sydney, Australia 2012.

Did Chris Brown just showcase his well-endowed lower body on social media on purpose?

Recording artist Chris Brown recently posted a photo on his Instagram account showing what appears to be a substantial “penis outline,” marking a path on his pants, making fans and followers wonder if the “Kiss Kiss” singer was making his own bid to “break the Internet.”

A photo posted on Brown’s Instagram over the weekend shows two reverse images of the 25-year-old R&B performer lounging on a window seat wearing a white shirt and dark blue tracksuit pants. Looking like he’d just woken up, his crotch area displays what is apparently some sizeable “morning wood.”


Unless, that’s some leftover weiner he stuffed there after having an unfinished midnight snack.

The distinct shape had Brown’s fans and followers in a frenzy of frantic zooming to make out the undetermined bulge that begins from the front of his crotch, all the way to his right hip.

For undisclosed reasons, Brown briefly deleted the photo, then apparently changed his mind and posted it again — all the while remaining silent on his social media account.

Meanwhile, his fans supplied quite a number of titillating comments on what they’re calling his “dick pic.”

“I see why Riri couldn’t let that go!” One fan joked, referring to Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Grammy winning pop singer, Rihanna. Others remained more skeptical of the image.

“Why can’t that just be a wrinkle in his sweats lol #thethirst,” another wrote.

This isn’t Brown’s first foray into exposing his privates. In 2011, he posted a photo of himself on his Twitter account trying on his Halloween costume (a green full-body Zentai skin suit) that fully outlined his fully engorged penis.

In another, a post-shower picture of him in the bathroom mirror shows him hung like a horse, even when flaccid.

Chris Brown doesn’t seem to shy away from showing how well-endowed he is. Is this latest display of his a ploy to get him on the news and famous again after his popularity plummeted post-Rihanna?

Here’s a video interview of Brown at Radio Big Boy where he talks about his naked photos on the web:

[jwplayer mediaid=”45795″]

That’s the latest news on Chris Brown’s exposed privates. Stay tuned for more celebrity gossip news here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi


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