Did Justin Bieber Post a Photo of His Nipple?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Did Justin Bieber Post a Photo of His Nipple?
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We all know Justin Bieber has grown up — from an innocent young man with a sweet voice to one who has been sweeping the hearts of many females, including Selena Gomez and other models. But did Justin Bieber post a photo of his nipple? That might be one of the weirdest celebrity Instagram photos of 2015, and the year has just begun. Read on for more details.

Bieber’s taking his social media posts to a whole new level. We’re all used to seeing him topless and with countless models and celebrities with him in his photos, but in his latest photo, the “As Long as You Love Me” singer posted a photo of his nipple. What?!

Bieber posted a close-up photo of his nipple on Jan. 4, 2015. The photo’s no longer available on social media, but HollywoodLife.com was able to get a screen capture of the photo before it got deleted. Could it have been an accidental post or did he not expect getting negative reactions to his post? The outlet was able to gather reactions from fans — one fan loved the photo and called his nipple “sexy” while another said that Bieber has a nice nipple but asks him to make some new music instead.

Well, the fan’s wish tweet might just come true this year. In December 2014, Bieber hinted about a new album coming in 2015. His manager also hinted of a new album coming up and even said that 2013 was “practice,” 2014 was “warm up” and 2015 is “game time” in an Instagram quote post.

On Jan. 3, 2015, Bieber’s new song, “Intertwine,” featuring Lil Twist has been released, and we can definitely say we’re looking forward to more of his new songs and album after hearing his voice getting better and smoother than ever before.

Bieber has also been spotted hanging out with Michael Jackson’s son, Prince together with Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (who was reportedly giving Biebs and Prince advices about women), which led to rumors that Prince and Bieber might be working on a collaboration.

It looks like Bieber will be working more on his music this year and maybe less of playtime. After all, he had his fair share of fun and games in 2014, especially with rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

There you have it for the scoop on Justin Bieber’s nipple and new music. Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Joe Bielawa


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