Did Malia Obama Leak a Selfie on Instagram? [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
Did Malia Obama Leak a Selfie on Instagram? [WATCH VIDEO]
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Master Sergeant Cecilio Ricardo, USAF/Jan 20, 2009 | Malia Obama makes her way through the crowd at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Presidential Inauguration Day on January 20, 2009.

A firestorm was unleashed on the Internet when a provocative selfie of what appeared to be US First Daughter Malia Obama was posted on Instagram. Read on to learn more about it.

Are the Obamas just like us? That is to say, are their teenage daughters just like teens everywhere who enjoy posting selfies on social media? A young girl who looked very like Malia Obama has been spotted on Instagram, and netizens are alleging it’s the first ever leaked photo from the Obama family.

According to The Verge, the young woman in this picture is wearing a thin white T-shirt featuring hip-hop brand, Pro Era. She has her arms raised behind her head to keep her long black hair away from her face. Her lips are parted and she is staring straight at the camera. Behind her are floor-to-ceiling windows with vertical blinds pulled open to reveal a stark winter landscape of bare tree branches.

The photo is part of a Pro Era promotion, and the hip-hop collective identifies the girl in the photo as First Daughter Malia Obama. If it is indeed Malia Obama, the leaked photo may be in direct contradiction with the First Family’s strictly maintained social media presence.

In fact, even Malia’s mom, First Lady Michelle Obama, doesn’t approve of having her daughters on social media.

“I still am not a big believer in Facebook for young people … particularly for them, because they’re in the public eye,” the First Lady told Barbara Walters in a 2013 20/20 interview on ABC, as published on The Verge.

“Some of it’s stuff they don’t need to see and be a part of … So we try to protect them from too much of the public voice,” the first lady added.

As a result, presidential daughters Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, have virtually zero presence on social media, apart from the images meticulously sterilized by the White House’s PR team.

So who leaked Malia’s selfie? We’re assuming of course, that it is Malia. Because if it is, Pro Era may have hell to pay.

Watch this video about another controversial social media photo with the real Malia in it:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Master Sergeant Cecilio Ricardo, USAF

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