Die Hard Fan Of Kim Soo Hyun Willing To Do Anything Just To Be Close To Him

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Die Hard Fan Of Kim Soo Hyun Willing To Do Anything Just To Be Close To Him
Die Hard Fan Of Kim Soo Hyun Willing To Do Anything Just To Be Close To Him

Kim Soo Hyun is absolutely one of the most sought after Hallyu stars of the present generation. He garnered fans not just in his native land in Korea but also from different Asian countries and even to other part of the world as well. Recently, there is a report that a certain fan is willing to go to an extent in order to see the actor as close as possible.

In the article by KpopHerald, a Chinese follower of the Korean star expressed desire to purchase the real estate property located just beside Kim’s residence.  The fan is prepared no matter how huge the amount is because it is reported that the said property is valued at a staggering $3.7 M or 4.5 B won. It’s not a question that the Chinese fan can afford the price. What is amazing here is the firm intention and wishful thinking to be that close to the Korean star he or she admires.


According to AsiaOne, Lee Sang Min revealed about this information. He added that the fair market value of Kim’s house is 4 B won and the fan even negotiated to add 500 M won just to do the transaction. However, the owner of this property declined the offer.

The same article discussed that in the recent episode of a local program entitled Pumpkin Seed, Kim Tae Hoon, a pop columnist tackled the immense and massive fame of Kim Soo Hyun in China. He explained,  “The drama My Love From The Star aired in 15 Asian nations, but it was not broadcast in China because Kim’s character was an alien.” Thank goodness a website paid for the airing rights of the series and shared it online. Since then, it raked 3.1 B views including a good share of Chinese viewers.

Charm, talent, and awards—some of the few things Kim Soo Hyun possesses hence fans just can’t stop loving him.

Photo Source: Kim Soo Hyun/Instagram

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