Dig Recap: Pilot

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Dig Recap: Pilot
Jason Isaacs at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Dig” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” premiered on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. FBI Agent Peter Connelly finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation that could uncover and change the course of history. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The episode opens in Norway with the birth of an animal that a cult believes is the pure bred they have been waiting for. One of them says that the prophecy has started. A young man is handed a firearm and he’s given the task to protect the animal.

Fast forward to two months in Jerusalem, where Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs) and Lynn Monahan (Anne Heche) are in bed. When she leaves him for the night, Peter calls someone on his phone. It’s his ex-wife and she tells him to stop calling. Peter turns his attention to the TV where there’s news of a fugitive. He’s the reason why Peter, an FBI agent, is working in Jerusalem. He has to bring the fugitive back because he’s wanted for raping and killing the daughter of a senator.

The next day, with leads as to where the suspect is, Peter encounters Golan (Detective Golan Cohen) who tells him that the fugitive is a local problem, so the arrest must be made by the local police. A foot chase follows in the crowded Jerusalem inner town. Peter almost gets the guy, but he’s blocked by a red-haired woman who appears and disappears in the crowd. When he finally gets to the suspect, Golan already has him in cuffs.

Meanwhile, in a facility in the United States, Ted Billingham (David Costabile) and Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) are watching over Josh, a young boy who is deemed special. Ted tells Debbie they need to keep an eye on him because his time is almost done, whatever that means!

Back in Jerusalem, Peter gets reprimanded by his boss, who happens to be Lynn, for his mistake with the fugitive. To unwind sometime later, he goes to the bar where he spots the red-haired girl once again. This time, he follows her. She arrives at a religious ceremony and Peter loses her in the sea of people with their torches and candles. Peter finds a quiet spot to get his bearing back and the woman suddenly pops next to him.

Her name is Emma and she’s a student of Archeology on a study grant from America. She’s working on a dig in a city. She brings Peter to the site where she works and they end up skinny-dipping and making out in a water hole in one of the caves. But something distracts Emma and she and Peter follow the noise. They watch as a group of men chant and kill an animal. It looks like a sacrificial ceremony. The men, by the way, look like the cult group from Norway.

Meanwhile, back in the facility, Debbie sees that Josh looks scared so she tries to talk to him, telling him that things will be okay as he’s fulfilling a “destiny.” She brings him outside to play in the grass and touch the sunlight. Only, outside is actually still inside. The facility is so controlled that Josh cannot do anything he wants. He doesn’t live in a normal environment.

Golan interrogates the fugitive and finds that he has stolen an interesting artifact. Back at the digging site, Peter and Emma part and she secretly drops something in his pocket. She also says something that surprises Peter. Later, in his hotel room, he listens to a voice mail from his daughter who said the same thing as Emma said.

The next day, Peter reports to work to find Golan there. He thought he has an update about the fugitive, but as it turns out, he’s there for another matter. An American woman was killed last night and there’s a photo of her with the last person she was with. As Peter closely examines these, he realizes, he’s the guy in the photo and the murdered woman is Emma.

Lynn would like Golan to head this investigation and instructs Peter to stay out of it, knowing that they don’t get along. But Peter lies to Golan about being assigned the case, so they team up and check Emma’s apartment. There, Peter spots Emma’s journal and takes if before Golan sees it.

They go to the dig site to let Emma’s colleagues know of what happened, but the head of the dig, a famous archeologist, couldn’t care less. They were working on something far more important, something that could change the course of history.

Later, Peter does investigations at the site all by himself and discovers some area he and Emma checked out the day before have been closed. When he returns to the office, he’s once again reprimanded by Lynn for lying to Golan. She knows why he’s quite interested in this case, as the photos show Emma has a striking resemblance to his daughter. But Lynn tells him that nothing can bring her back.

At the facility, Josh apparently escapes and men with guns search the desert for him. When they do locate Josh, he’s immediately shot dead. Unaware of what happened outside, Debbie wanders off to check for Josh in other rooms. She stumbles upon a child who looks exactly like him. But he tells her his name is Jason. Debbie realizes Josh has a twin and they’re not aware of each other.

The artifact that Golan retrieves from the fugitive is a breastplate worn by  religious people to apparently communicate with God. He tells Peter this fact over the phone, but their conversation is cut short. Peter has been accompanying the fugitive in the car when they get hit by another vehicle.

When he comes close, he sees the fugitive being taken into another car and Peter tries to run after them. He catches up, but finds the car empty, so Peter instead looks for clues in the vehicle. But just as he’s doing this, someone aims a gun at his head. It’s the fugitive, and he’s instructing him to take his stuff out of his pockets. Peter finds the gem that Emma secretly dropped in his pocket, but the fugitive takes it from him and runs.

Peter recognizes this gem. He saw it in Emma’s journal, so he heads back to the hotel to confirm. But then, the local police arrives and he knows why. They found out he is the guy in the photo with Emma. They have to bring him in for questioning. Peter willingly gives himself up.

That’s what happened in the first episode of “Dig” which aired on Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. So, what do you think? Are you going to follow this series? Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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