‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Release Date Set In November! Original Cast Returns

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Release Date Set In November! Original Cast Returns
Digimon Adventure Tri

Fans can now wait for a follow-up film after the success of “Digimon Adventure Tri” after a release date has finally been set. The anime would be made of a six-part theatrical series. The first episode was named “Reunion” and would air on November 21.

The “Digimon Adventure Tri” series is now set 15 years after from the time of the original series. The children who played the original series have now grown up but the main characters including Taichi and Digimon friend Agumon is still part of the show.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know any other details about the six-part movie series aside from the release date. However, it seems that the new “Digimon Adventure” will follow closely from the previous two series since the developers before are still the same ones working on the new project. Atsuya Uki is still the designer for the character. Meanwhile, Yuuko Kakihara still works as the script supervisor of the series. The six-part movie series will still be directed by Keitaro Motonaga.

The cast for “Digimon Adventure” are almost the same with the previous series. Digimon fans can look forward to seeing the protagonist of the second season to be present in the new six-part series.

Anime News Network reported that a hidden name was tagged and included in the list of characters. According to Yaraon, the new name listed was “Daisuke” which fans know this means Davis in English. Davis was also the main character during the second series which had fans thinking that this may mean an infusion of the first two series.

Hardcore “Digimon” fans should watch out for the first episode of the six-part movie series that would hit theaters in November where “Reunion” would also be shown first.

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