‘Director’ Mariah Carey Allegedly Inconsiderate Of Her Production Team In Their Filming?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
‘Director’ Mariah Carey Allegedly Inconsiderate Of Her Production Team In Their Filming?
‘Director’ Mariah Carey Allegedly Inconsiderate Of Her Production Team In Their Filming?

Mariah Carey is undeniably a successful star in the music industry. With millions of records sold worldwide, numerous awards, and chart-topping singles, she has indeed marked her name on the timeline of music history. Now she is trying to accomplish something new in her career which involves directing. How is she doing so far in the tasks as a director?

It seems like allegedly the singer has some issues going on with her new job. According to OK! Magazine, a source revealed to In Touch Weekly of how she behaves in the set.

“Our day revolves around her nap schedule,” the source  claimed. “She’s constantly napping and doesn’t like to be woken up. That would be understandable if she were performing, but she’s being driven to set every day and not doing a much [physical] activity.”

Oops! If the rumors are true, that’s an unpleasant behavior which can cause series of delays in the filming. Moreover, everyone in the production staff would feel uneasy and reluctant with this kind of attitude.  The said first-ever director job of the Grammy winner is for the forthcoming movie “A Christmas Melody” for Hallmark Channel.


Aside from this alleged inconsiderate behavior from the singer, she also insists that her own dog will have a special participation by providing it with a trailer. Isn’t this going overboard?

Aside from directing this film, Carey is also busy for the release soon of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” book. This is her first illustrated children’s book which is based on her popular Yuletide song of the same title.  For next year, she will fly to Vegas to perform her series of shows at Caesars Palace as reported by E! News.

A lot hoped the rumor isn’t true, especially the fans of Mariah Carey. For now, let us give her the benefit of the doubt.

Photo Source: Mariah Carey/Facebook

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