Director Shares His Idea For A Superhero Movie Trilogy

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Director Shares His Idea For A Superhero Movie Trilogy
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The Batman is one of the most important DC movies. It centers on the most iconic character and has a brilliant director attached to it. The movie’s director Matt Reeves recently spoke about the idea for the movie.

His idea gives a hint about what he plans to do with it and what will his approach be when he starts work.

Reeves’ Idea about a trilogy

Screen Rant reported that Reeves has envisioned making a series of movies focusing on Batman and multiple stories for him. But before he can think further about it, he believes that the most important thing as of now is to just start with the first movie.

He wants to start work on it, see how it turns out and when the time is right wants to plan the character’s journey ahead. To further explain this, he gave an example of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel War for the Planet of the Apes. 

When he was working on these movies, there never was a laid-out plan for how the lead character Caesar will evolve and where he will go in the franchise.

A plan for Caesar’s journey ahead was discussed but they were only taking it one movie at a time. In Batman’s case, the director says he has an ambition of series of stories for the dark knight but he wants to start by making a good first movie.

If The Batman turns out to be as successful as Wonder Woman, it would encourage both Reeves and the studio to start thinking about potential sequels.

Detective noir tone for The Batman

Reeves, just some time back, also spoke about how he wants to make the first solo movie. Instead of making a serious action movie, he wants to make The Batman a detective noir movie.

He also intends to take inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s work and show the detective side of the caped crusader. This idea could essentially work because Batman is known as the world’s greatest detective.

The solo movie’s Batman would also look a lot different than the hulking and disturbed Batman that was seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Possible storylines

If Reeves’ vision for Batman is to give him a series of stories, there are just so many established Batman comic stories that can be adapted into movies.

There is Hush, The Eye of the Beholder, Birth of the Demon, The Court of the Owls, Prey, The Killing Joke, A Death in the Family, The Man Who Laughs amongst others.

Each of these stories has Batman pitted against one of his classic enemies. There is the Joker, Hush, Court of the Owls, Ra’s Al Ghul and Two-Face. Joker already exists in the DCEU so for a possible sequel, any of the villain mentioned can be introduced.

Multiple villains

A report has stated that Reeves is looking to add multiple villains in The Batman. Before he was brought aboard, Deathstroke was confirmed as the main villain.

The assassin will perhaps stay in Reeves’ script as well but there are speculations that villains like the Joker and Scarecrow will also get added. Having multiple villains will stir things up but eventually it would depend on how good the script is.

Reports have also stated that Reeves’ vision for The Batman has already impressed the studio and Affleck.

Plot and release date

No official plot is available for the movie but according to recent reports, the movie will take fans much deeper into the Batman-verse. This would be the first solo movie of Batman and will focus on his adventures in Gotham city.

The Batman is yet to get a confirmed release date.


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