Disconnect Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Disconnect MovieDisconnect will make you paranoid about your cyber-security. After watching it, you will have the desire to update your virus protection and secure your digital data. You don’t want to end up like the characters in the movie.

Disconnect features three interweaving stories. The first one is about a reporter who is pursuing a story about youth webcam sex rings. Then there’s the two high school students who cyber-bully their classmate. The last one is about a married couple whose marriage falls in disarray after their baby died.

The first one is the least predictable among the three. It is also the most compelling. Kyle (Max Thieriot) is a teen webcam star. Andrea Riseborough plays the investigative reporter. They have a complicated relationship that is unpredictable until the end. But the end of their story in Disconnect is the beginning of a personal journey for their characters.

The two high school students create a fake female Facebook profile to attract a social outcast, whose parents (Jason Bateman and Hope Davis) are having problems of their own. The two bullies upload a nude photo of the outcast that they got by pretending to be the fake female, the outcast commits suicide. This is the event that sets the ball rolling for the three plotlines and starts their interconnectedness.

Disconnect is a complicated Venn diagram where the stories overlap and intersect with each other. A lot of movies used this device in the past. Disconnect manages to connect the stories seamlessly. The movie is anchored in society’s dependence with the digital world. It explores how humanity is lost on the internet.

Disconnect’s strength is in the commonness of the events shared by the characters. The end is not a resolution but a realization. It forces viewers to review their own lives. It makes you think about the safety and security of your digital life.

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