Disney Ridley Praises ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Script

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Disney Ridley Praises ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Script
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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has hit the movie theaters and movie lovers all over are eventually getting an opportunity to watch the magnum opus by J.J. Abram. However, before the movie got released in the theaters, the makers were busy making plans of the future of this hugely acclaimed franchise.

It might sound strange, but the loyalists and fans of the franchise have to just wait for about 18 months to watch “Star Wars: Episode 8,” that would be released probably in May 2017.

Certain sequences of this upcoming project have been already shot in Ireland by Johnson. It is being tipped that the principal photography for the movie will soon start in the coming days. So, it should not come as a surprise that the members of “Star Wars 8” have gone through the screenplay of the sequel.

Daisy Ridley feels that “The Force Awakens” has generated immense goodwill, and so the positive impact for the franchise could be experienced even in the next film.


Ridley was speaking to Variety when she discussed her views on the script of “Star Wars: Episode 8.” The script has been entirely written by Johnson.

According to Screen Rant, though Ridley spoke briefly while reviewing the current film, she only had to say great things about what she has seen.

It is obvious that Daisy Ridley would not criticize any work done by Johnson and yet it was relaxing to know that the actress is lavish with her praises at such a nascent stage.

After  the release of the one of the finest critically acclaimed “Star Wars” film since the release of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Johnson might be under immense pressure. That’s because “Star Wars: Episode 8” should match the performance of Abrams’ superb work.


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