Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Gets Sequel in Book Form

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Gets Sequel in Book Form
Elsa Meet and Greet at Disneyland. 11:38:42. November 5, 2013. Wikimedia Commons/MaddyInDisneyland

Fans of the hit Walt Disney movie, “Frozen,” which took the world by storm, will be delighted to hear that the adventures of Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna, will not end with the movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Random House will be publishing a chapter book series that will serve as the sequel to the film. Read on to learn more about this story.

Walt Disney’s animated film, “Frozen,” took the world by storm in 2013, with its unique characters, storyline, and memorable songs. The film, loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” tells the story of two sisters who are very different from each other and who grew up separated from each other, as the older one, Elsa, has magical abilities. After she is crowned, events led her to accidentally expose her hands, which contain her powers, revealing it to the people. Frightened, Queen Elsa runs out of the city and discovers the power of her magic. However, her younger sister, seeing the dangerous situation of the kingdom frozen in ice, tried to convince her to come home and end the perpetual winter. However, the prince whom Anna was in love with revealed that he only wanted to claim their throne. After a stand off, Anna turned into ice, due to an injury that occurred as she tries to explain to Elsa to come home. However, her sister’s love and tears brought Anna back to life.

The chapter book series, which serves as the sequel to the film, will be entitled “Anna and Elsa” and will focus on the royal sisters, who are trying to get to know each other more after the events that occurred in the original film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first book will be entitled “Anna and Elsa 1: All Hail the Queen,” and the second one will be entitled “Anna and Elsa 2: Memory and Magic.” Both books will be published by Random House and will hit the shelves on Jan. 6, 2015, with two more upcoming coming later that year. Random House plans to release the books by three or four every year.

It will be written by Erica David, who has written spin-off books before. Her recent credits include spin-offs written based on popular animated films and television shows such as “The Legend of Korra,” “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/MaddyInDisneyland


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