Disney’s Live-Action Remake Of Dumbo Adds Michael Keaton In Villainous Role

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Disney’s Live-Action Remake Of Dumbo Adds Michael Keaton In Villainous Role
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Disney’s super successful 1941 movie Dumbo is under works. The studio recently claimed huge success with the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. A remake of the Dumbo was announced back in 2014 with Tim Burton as the director of the film. Ever since then, nothing major has been revealed about the film. However, in a recent update, it is mentioned that the Night Shift actor is in talks to play the role of a villain in the film. Find out more about the film ahead.


Dumbo is originally based on the story written by Helen Aberson, which centers on an anthropomorphic elephant. Everyone makes fun of him because he has long ears. But to everyone’s surprise, he is later able to fly with those ears as wings. He shares an adorable relationship with his mom and a close friend Timothy, who is a mouse.

The entire situation is set up in a circus after failing a stunt during their performance, Dumbo is made a clown. His situation becomes miserable and loses all his confidence to do anything. But, during an incident, he gulps down champagne instead of water and hallucinates. Both Timothy and Dumbo later wake up under a tree and find that they arrive there flying with the help of Dumbo’s large ears. Back at the circus, he performs a wonderful stunt, leaving everyone amazed which makes him highly popular with the media.

That is the original story of the 1941 Disney film, although it isn’t known whether the film will take over the exact same story or there will be some changes.

Cast Members

The cast isn’t completely finalized and there are still some deals under negotiation for some characters. Danny Devito has been finalized to play the role of Medici, the ringleader, while Eva Green is likely to play the role of a trapeze artist.

It was earlier noted that Will Smith is set to play the role of the father of the kids who later make friends with Dumbo. However, he opted out of the project due to a disagreement over payment and conflicting dates. Smith had already signed up for Bad Boys for Life, which will begin production by then.

It was also revealed that Tom Hanks was considered for the role of the villain, but the latest update reveals that Michael Keaton is likely to grab the role. However, nothing has been officially confirmed about the same yet. If the deal is finalized with Keaton, then he will be seen reuniting with director Burton after Batman Returns, which debuted in 1992. (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Critical Success of 1941’s Dumbo

Despite the after-effects of World War II, the film grabbed positive reviews and commercial success at the box office. It was, in fact, a better performer than other films of Disney that time. The total gross of the film was approximately $1.6 million. The film was a combination of good humor, music, and advanced animation.

Back in 2001, a sequel was proposed for the film with a lot of new characters. It was said to begin right from where the first movie concluded. However, it was canceled by John Lasseter after he took the position of COO in 2006.

Disney’s Upcoming Live Action Remakes

Disney is on a spree of making the remake version of several successful films of the past. Many of the projects are already under works which include Maleficent, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan and much more.

Release Date

So far, no release date has been announced for the live-action remake of Dumbo. It is speculated that there will be a major announcement about the film in the near future.

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