Disney’s Live Action Remakes Update: Dumbo, The Lion King, Mulan & More

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Disney’s Live Action Remakes Update: Dumbo, The Lion King, Mulan & More
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Disney is prepping some more live action remakes after claiming the success of the recently released Beauty and the Beast. There are some movies already under development and lined up for release in the coming years.

Disney’s Live Action Remake

The Lion King – The epic musical film will be seen again in the live action format. The 1994 film was a huge success and grossed $968.5 million worldwide against the production budget of $45 million. The Jon Favreau directorial will feature Donald Glover and James Earl Jones in the roles of Simba and Mufasa. The team will begin the production by next month.

Christopher Robin – He is a very famous character who first appeared in Winnie-the-Pooh stories by A. A. Milne. Christopher Robin has been a part of several Disney series also, but this character will be next seen in standalone live action remake. It will be directed by Marc Froster and will feature the story of young Robin. He will go back to Hundred Acre Wood and reunite with his friends. No release date has been announced.

Aladdin – The remake of Aladdin was announced back in 2015. The original musical fantasy film belongs to the era Disney Renaissance and was released in 1992. Aladdin was adapted from a popular Arab folktale.

The upcoming film will be directed by Guy Ritchie and written by John August. Almost all the musical elements of the film will remain intact, but no details have been unveiled. Also, no release date has been assigned to the film.

Cruella – This live action remake is being directed by Alex Timbers and stars La La Land actress Emma Stone in the lead role. It is reportedly said that the film will focus on the origin of this character. Perhaps it is a prequel to 101 Dalmatians, however, nothing much is known about the storyline of the film. (Via IGN)

More Disney Live Action Remake Films

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Dumbo – The animated musical comedy is making its debut in the live action format. Tim Burton has been given the role of directing the film and it stars Michael Keaton, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito in significant roles.

It is based on the story of an anthropomorphic elephant, Dumbo, who appears different from other elephants and is ridiculed for that. In addition to this, the film is likely to come out in 2019.

The Little Mermaid – The musical fantasy film was announced last year and roped in Alan Menken for composing its songs. It is based on the story of a mermaid princess who is influenced by humans and dreams to be like them. However, no major details have been unveiled about the upcoming film.

Mulan – The action comedy film is yet to cast members for the live action adaptation.However, the casting call has been made but so far none of them have been confirmed.

Mulan is based on a Chinese ballad and revolves around the story of a young girl who replaces her father to join the army. The original film was a big hit and is adored for the execution and moral theme of the film.

Pinocchio – The character was introduced in the Italian novel titled The Adventures of Pinocchio written by Carlo Collodi. The film will be written by Peter Hedges and will be the adaptation of the 1940 film. However, nothing is known about the cast and storyline of the film.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Dinsey’s film is said to be based on Snow White’s sister, Rose Red. Additionally, it will have the expansion of both the story and the music. Cast members are yet to be finalized.

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