Disney’s “Sword in the Stone” Live Action Remake Nabs “Game of Thrones” Writer

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Disney’s “Sword in the Stone” Live Action Remake Nabs “Game of Thrones” Writer
Hong Kong China Disneyland Sword in the Stone by Dave Quicky. February 24, 2006. Wikimedia Commons/Dave Q/Uploaded by Username9

Disney has done it again! In the recent trend of adapting classic Disney animated films into live action adaptations, it has just been announced that the 1963 classic, “The Sword in the Stone” will be getting a similar treatment, with a script penned by a writer whose claim to fantasy script writing is HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. Read on to learn more about the latest live action adaptation of Disney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will be producing a live action adaptation of the 1963 animated classic “The Sword in the Stone”.

The movie, based on the first book of T.H. White’s Arthurian classic, “The Once and Future King”, followed the story of a young squire named Arthur or Wart, who, despite being held in contempt by his foster family, ends up becoming the pupil of the greatest wizard of all time, Merlin, and becomes the legendary King Arthur, after pulling out the titular sword from an anvil.

This live action adaptation, according to Variety, will be penned by fantasy scriptwriter Bryan Corgman, who wrote for the HBO epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones”.

In the same spirit as “The Sword in the Stone”, the scriptwriter teased his involvement in the currently developing project by posting a picture on Twitter of him trying to pull out the titular sword in the “Sword in the Stone”, and placed the word “Research” on it as its caption.


Aside from “The Sword in the Stone” and “Game of Thrones”, the writer is also involved in a “Magic: The Gathering” film, and another film entitled “The False Prince”.

What do you think of a live action adaptation of Disney’s classic “The Sword in the Stone”? Who would you like to see as Wart/Arthur, Merlin, Archimedes, Sir Kay, Sir Ector and Madame Mim? What do you think of Bryan Corgman, who will be writing the script? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Dave Q/Uploaded by Username9



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