Diva Ariana Grande Threw B*tch Fit After Falling Off Stage On ‘Honeymoon’ Tour

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Diva Ariana Grande Threw B*tch Fit After Falling Off Stage On ‘Honeymoon’ Tour
Ariana Grande Jingle Bell Ball

After her not-so humiliating fall during the “Honeymoon” tour in Toronto, Canada, Ariana Grande, apparently, threw a temper tantrum screaming like a giant diva backstage. Although her fall obviously was less humiliating and painful, it’s as if Grande treated it like she had broken her vocal chords.

According to a source from Naughty Gossip, Ariane Grande acted like a huge diva after her embarrassing fall. It wasn’t really THAT embarrassing (check out the video here) but apparently the “Bang Bang” singer acted like it’s the end of the world. Talk about being dramatic!

“She kept telling her management that she couldn’t believe that happened. Everyone tried calming her but she wasn’t having any of it. Ariana threw a bitch fit.”

Seems so unfitting for her to scream the way a small girl would. According to eyewitnesses Grande took her fall far too seriously, and threw a huge tantrum about it backstage. They said her behavior was totally “immature.” What’s more, the diva rumors are true! In the video, one can see that Grande immediately recovered from tripping on stage. She even received several positive feedback on social media because of her “graceful comeback after the fall.” So, why the diva behavior Ariana?

She should have brushed it aside knowing that most people will not even remember the fall, weeks from now!

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Grande has been called out for diva behavior. Late last year, a source from In Touch Weekly revealed that the pint size singer demands to be “carried like a baby” whenever “she doesn’t feel like walking.” Her boyfriend Big Sean, however, was quick to address the rumors saying that they were not at all true.

What do you think of Ariana’s infamous behaviour? Was she over-acting or becoming a little bit of crazy?Sound off in the comments below

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