‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Movie Targets More Sophisticated Adult Audience

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Movie Targets More Sophisticated Adult Audience
PHOTOGRAPH: Rajlaxmi | In a latest rumor, Shailene Woodley has got a role to play in the ongoing issues between Theo James, The Divergent series co-star and his girlfriend Ruth Kearney.

The upcoming “Divergent” film is said to be more mature and will target a more sophisticated audience. “Divergent: Allegiant” star Theo James revealed some details about the Veronica Roth movie adaptation and also talked about his relationship with his co-star Shailene Woodley.

Director of “Divergent” Neil Burger also said that the strong personality of James has forced him to chose the actor to play the role of Four. He said that it complements well with Woodley’s strong personality. James’ isn’t intimidated by her attitude but Woodley admitted that she got intimidated the first time she met James on-set.

James expressed the filming of “Divergent” as much fun and he was also happy that he got to bond with his co-stars. He is also quick to say that even though their set is now more relaxed because they are more comfortable with each other, they always make sure to get their jobs done as per Flickering Myth.

He was also asked about his relationship with Woodley and he said that they have a great relationship, adding that they have gotten closer when filming “Divergent” and “Divergent: Allegiant.”

That being said, this new-found comfort that these two main stars found in each other will really be helpful for their next “Divergent” movie franchise because it is to be sexier than the first. This explains why James revealed that they are targeting a more sophisticated adult audience. Fans can expect more intimate scenes between Woodley and James.

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