‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Part 1 Release Date And Plot Revealed! Movie Will Have An Alternative Ending? Find Out Creators’ Opinion

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago

“Divergent: Allegiant” part 1 release date and movie plot are revealed! Update confirms the movie will follow the novel’s ending. Will there be no chance for an alternate finale?

It’s not that unusual for film creators to change the flow of the story when doing a movie adaptation of bestseller novels in order to catch the attention of the movie goers and to have more appeal. However, as Christian Post reported, it seems like the “Divergent” movie franchise team will not be doing the traditional way.

We’ve seen so many movie adaptations, and most of them got us too contained, made us too disappointed, as they dropped and changed many things in the adaptation in order to fit in the given time limit. To the point where some fans cursed the movie creators to their deathbeds, saying that “they wished they did not gave the movie a very sh*tty ending” and “whoever did this adaptation should die, now!”

However, it looks like these comments have no effect on the creators of the movie, “Divergent: Allegiant,” as they confirmed that the team had an agreement that they will stick to the original ending of the novel, written by Veronica Roth. Now, it’s really clear that they don’t care at all if fans will get pissed off about their decision of not changing the devastating ending of the story.

Moreover, for those who were not able to follow the novel, they had this hope that Tris and Four’s love story would have a happy ending. Some were wondering how these two character’s fates would change each other’s lives. However, there are readers who already know what will happen to the two lead characters, and they are less than happy to accept the fact that even in the movie Tris will surely die, that the ending that they wanted to see is far from happening.

According to a report from China Topix, the decision provoked the fans to have an appeal on Change.org, suggesting that another ending should take place. But, it looks like their petitions were all useless as it doesn’t even have an effect to the book’s author, Roth, to change her mind.

According to Christian Post, the novel writer was not convinced at all that an alternate ending should be made. She insisted that she decided to end the story like that because it should be like that.

The actress, Shailene Woodly who plays the role of Tris also agrees at Roth’s opinion. In her Digital Spy interview, she expressed her thoughts about ending and directly told the site that Roth’s decision is beautiful. She thinks that it’s an amazing ending since now-a-days, it’s very unusual that the one that people admire the most and does take risks selflessly for the people and loved ones ends up dead.

Aside from Woodley, Theo James also did a nod with the ending, saying that it looks “totally natural.”

On the other hand, the “Divergent: Allegiant” part 1 is expected to be in theaters in March 2016.

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