‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Star Theo James Admits He Shares A Natural Chemistry with Shailene Woodley

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Theo James and Shailene Woodley are gearing up for “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1,” the upcoming sequel to Veronica Roth’s “Insurgent.” While much can be said about the success of the franchise, it is also a known fact that part of that success is attributed to the chemistry that James and Woodley share on screen. What does James think of his onscreen partner? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Divergent: Allegiant” is still nearly a year left from hitting the theaters. While most fans are excited to see Tris and Four back on the big screens, Theo James told Elle Magazine exciting details about his relationship with his onscreen partner, Shailene Woodley.

“She’s a very open and fun person, and that always helps. Especially if you have a bit of natural chemistry, inevitably, it’s going to make the scene better, and we definitely had good chemistry from that start,” James said.

James, who plays Four in the “Divergent” series, revealed that he feels lucky to portray a relationship with Woodley’s character the same way they did in real life. James shared that he and the 23-year-old actress did not know each other before the start of the movie. She likened the feeling to how Tris and Four met in the movie.

The “Underworld” actor also gushed about Woodley during the interview and confessed to admiring her for striving to become a better person. Woodley, who has been an advocate of several environmental causes, has inspired the “Allegiant” movie actor into buying meat and other food products from responsible sources.

Meanwhile, “The Fault in Our Stars” actress told Glamour Magazine that her relationship with James in the movie is special because “they support one another so much and respect one another.”

Woodley also admitted that Four and Tris are “sexier.” It was because they don’t need to be around each other all the time and they don’t need the other to validate themselves.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1” opens in theatres on Mar. 18, 2016.

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