‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Star Theo James Talks Shailene Woodley and His Acting Career: What’s Going On?

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Star Theo James Talks Shailene Woodley and His Acting Career: What’s Going On?
‘Divergent: Allegiant’ Movie Updates: Theo James Admits He And Shailene Woodley Felt Awkward on the Set of ‘Insurgent’

The next installment on the “Divergent” franchise, “Allegiant,” is still a year from now. For many, 2016 is such a long wait just to see Theo James and Shailene Woodley back in the big-screen. However, a recent interview with the 30-year-old actor might just serve as a cure for many anxious fans.

In a recent interview, Theo James (a.k.a Tobias “Four” Eaton), spoke about not just his feelings towards his acting career, but also his feelings towards co-star Shailene Woodley.

So what is new with Theo James’ acting career? Is he quitting? Are there new movies for Theo James?

Far from it, rather than talking about career opportunities, James talked about how filming the “Divergent” series affected his life. He spoke of the pressure he had to endure in order to live up to the expectations of not just his fans as an actor, but also the fans of the books.

In the interview, as reported by Fashion & Style, the “Insurgent” actor spoke about the decisions he had to solely make and the preparation he had to do in order to perfectly execute his role.

“You can’t be informed by other people,” he adds.

James admitted that though being part of a movie franchise has its benefits, but expressed that being easily recognized by the public also has its negative effects. He said that the being part of the “Divergent” movie franchise somehow makes it difficult to create a defined line between being a professional actor and being a celebrity. However, the 30-year-old actor is adamant that this confusing balancing act has not affected him as a person.

What about Shailene Woodley? What did Theo James say about the 23-year-old actress?

With regards to Woodley, Theo James said in an interview with Flickering Myth, that he had a hard time getting into character when they started filming the second installment of the “Divergent” series again.

“One thing Shailene and I found,” James Theo said according to Realty Today “is that when you come back after a year and at first you think it’s fine because we’ve done these characters, it’s all good, then when you get on set and you do that first scene, it’s like oh. It just doesn’t come back. You’ve got to click into gear.”

What do you think of what Theo James said regarding his acting career? Does he still act like how he presented himself off-camera as he did before the fame “Divergent” brought? How about his piece about Woodley? Do really think that there was “awkwardness” or is this a ruse to dilute rumors about him and Shailene? Tell us what you think by commenting below, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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