‘Divergent’ Star Theo James Postpones Wedding With Ruth Kearney

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Divergent’ Star Theo James Postpones Wedding With Ruth Kearney

It is reported that the “Divergent” star Theo James has postponed his wedding with fiance, Ruth Kearney. Don’t get it wrong, though, because this has nothing to do with James’ co-star Shailene Woodley. Read below for the full scoop:

The 30-year-old actor seems to have a lot on his plate right now in regards with his booming Hollywood career. James is currently filming the third installment of the “Divergent” series, which will premiere next year (2016) and the fourth movie is said to be released in 2017.

James’ fiance Kearney seems to be very understanding of his career and she seems to be very understanding of the fact that their wedding has to be postponed. Aside from his film projects, James is also the new endorses for Hugo Boss.

There have also been rumours plaguing James and Kearney’s relationship involving Woodley. However, James and Kearney were recently spotted in Prague, Czech Republic where James is filming “Underworld: Next Generation” packing on the PDA. It looks like everything’s well in the land of James and Kearney so far!

It is also reported that Kearney decided to join her fiance in Prague. As for James and Woodley’s alleged secret relationship, both remain adamant to deny that there is clearly nothing going on between them. Fans appreciate their natural chemistry on-screen but there is really nothing romantic going on between them behind the cameras.

A past interview with James reveal that they do hung out a lot while filming and they had a great time. He even disclosed that they shared one bed and even “spooned” because the cast and crew of the “Divergent” movie series only share one apartment.

Photo source: Facebook/Theo James

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