‘The Division’: Latest Update Patches, Original Game-Inspired Song Released!

By Enrico Cuenca | 3 years ago
‘The Division’: Latest Update Patches, Original Game-Inspired Song Released!
Tom Clancy’s The Division

“The Division” was released to the gaming world last month and witnessed  its fair share of praise and criticism. The heavily anticipated Ubisoft release gave players the virtual opportunity to live in a quarantined version of New York City that has been taken over by a ruthless pandemic. These players have to survive, by any means necessary.

Charged with restoring the law and order back into The Big Apple, gamers act as enforcers of the Strategic Homeland Division, hence the title, as they begin to uncover the truth behind the city’s current state of ruin. The game was met with very mixed reviews, however, the high sales has signs pointing that Tom Clancy‘s “The Division” may just be Ubisoft’s newest gaming franchise.

With such a large game like this, “The Division” will continue to see updates to help fix unforeseen problems and help improve the finished product. According to iDigital Times, the much awaited Update 1.1 for “The Division” is set to arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12. The new update will introduce a myriad of fundamental gameplay changes.

Once 1.1 is installed, a kill of a titled NPC guarantees players with a “High-End” classified drop. Ubisoft is expecting the new update to change up how players acquire these high-end items. High-end loot dropped by named NPCs rarely happen, as players opt to craft these coveted gear items via blueprints, crafting, or simply buying them from vendors when they have enough in-game currency. The update will make crafting more expensive, as well as increasing the cost of converting low-end items to high-ends.

So how will this directly affect “The Division” players and its core gameplay? Challenging enemies will definitely be more rewarding. Gone will be the days of beating a highly difficult boss without a proper reward. However, those who spend a lot of time crafting may be bothered by the increase in cost.

In related news, Gavin Dunne, better known as “Miracle of Sound,” has released the latest original song for “The Division” entitled: “The Lucky Ones.” As reported by Nerdist, Dunne explains that the song is inspired by the feeling an average civilian would get if placed in such a desolate situation. Dunne goes on to add that, “The cinematic trailer told a story of a survivor that to me, was as interesting as anything in the actual game and that was a big influence on the lyrics.”

Are you excited for Update 1.1? Will you welcome the changes? Let us know at the comments below!


Photo Souce: Facebook / Tom Clancy’s The Division

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