Divorce between Humphries and Kardashian in May

By admin | 6 years ago

Kim Kardashian will be nearly seven months pregnant with her first child, when the television reality star will learn of the outcome of her divorce from Kris Humphries the NBA basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets. On Friday, the presiding judge in the case announced divorce proceedings would start in May.

On May 6, the case will be heard in court and observers said it could take up to five days. The Kardashian television empire could have issues released that might not be flattering to them.

Even though a delay was requested, the judge said he would not approve one as police officers, firefighters and others must miss work for their court cases therefore professional basketball players such as Humphries could as well.

The attorney for Humphries had asked the court to delay the case until the NBA basketball season was over in June. Humphries and Kardashian were married for only 72 days before the TV reality star filed for a divorce. The NBA star has requested that the marriage be annulled because he claims Kim only wanted the marriage as a means to help the ratings of her TV show.

The judge in the case refused Michael Waller’s request to delay the trial. Waller is representing the NBA player and was in court on Friday, even though he had previously filed court papers to be taken off the case. It remains unclear whether Waller will in fact leave or remain as Humphries legal counsel.

Humphries’ legal team is trying to obtain possession of 13,000 hours of video footage of the TV show with the Kardashians. His legal team wants the footage to prove the marriage was fraud.

In the case, Humphries has given a deposition, as has Kanye West, the rapper and current boyfriend of Kim. Her mother, Kris Jenner has also given a deposition.

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