Django Unchained Comes Out with New Trailer

By admin | 6 years ago

Django Unchained recently released a teaser trailer. This is the first glimpse into Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie about a freed slave who became a bounty hunter played by Jamie Foxx. Foxx’s character is trying to save his wife from a vicious plantation owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
 Django Unchained

Critics have labeled Django Unchained as a spaghetti Southern, a revenge flick set in the Deep South that’s inspired by westerns of Sergio Corbucci and Sergio Leone. Judging from the trailer, the movie looks to be full of violence with excellent set pieces and witty dialogues.

It was reported that the lead role was first offered to Will Smith but he passed on it. But judging from the trailer, Jamie Foxx is a perfect fit for the role. As Django, he was seen in the trailer to be uttering the catchphrase “The D is silent.”

Aside from Foxx, Django Unchained also features Christoph Waltz of the Inglorious Basterds. He plays a German doctor who is responsible for Django’s freedom. He also teaches Django the ways of being a bounty hunter. At one point Django was asked how he likes the bounty hunting business so far. He replied that what’s not to like about it when he can kill white folks and get paid for it.

Just like in the Inglorious Basterds, Django shows that Tarantino is not afraid to poke fun at the darker corners of history. The same can be said about Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the villain Calvin Candie. He is a despicable person who enjoys watching slaves fight to death. He might be known as a pretty boy in Hollywood, but in Django, DiCaprio shows that he can make a vile character compelling to the viewers.

Django Unchained is set to open on Christmas Day. It also stars Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Don Johnson.

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