Django Unchained Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Django Unchained MovieEveryone knows that Quentin Tarantino is a genius. He tries his best to redefine a genre. In Django Unchained, he tries to get the feel of a Spaghetti Western but his excessive use of violence in the latter part of the movie and sloppy script results into a very predictable movie.

Bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) rescues a slave named Django to help him hunt for three brothers who he must kill. Django helps the bounty hunter in exchange for his freedom. Schultz also agrees to help Django save his girlfriend Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), who is held as a slave of Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Director Tarantino wants to show the evils of the slavery era. This is evident when he makes every white person in the movie a villain, except for Schultz. This has been the case right from the start of the movie as Tarantino forces this point of view onto the viewers.

In the first two hours of Django Unchained, Tarantino gives the audiences with beautiful visuals and snappy dialogues. Django and Schultz engage in several aimless murders but actor Waltz manages to make up for the repetitiveness.

And when the two heroes start to go after Candie to save Broomhilda, the movie takes off even if the mission is superficial. Right from the start there’s never a sense that things can go wrong and that Candie can stop them from their plan.

While it is predictable, Django Unchained manages to have a good climax. But it is due to Waltz and DiCaprio’s performances. The journey ends for the heroes but Tarantino adds 45 minutes more to the movie with brainless characters, and an illogical plot set-up.

Django Unchained is saved by the actors, who did a fine job with what’s given to them. Special mention goes to Christoph Waltz as the German doctor turned bounty hunter Schultz. Leonardo DiCaprio proves he can play a villain. Actually, his Calvin Candie can be considered as one of the more menacing bad guys in Tarantino’s movies.

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