Do Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Have a Sex Tape?

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Do Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Have a Sex Tape?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/calmdownlove | A teen singing, 14 September 2009.

It seems like everything Miley Cyrus does with her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, are always making headlines. Just recently, there are rumors of the couple allegedly planning to make a sex tape and even some pregnancy rumors. Is there any truth to any or these?

In response of the sex tape rumors, Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have brushed off these rumors by simply spending a karaoke night with their friends, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. The group attended the opening of The Blind Dragon, which was the newest karaoke lounge in Los Angeles.

While Schwarzenegger arrived later than Cyrus’ group, he made sure to give his girlfriend a big welcome by hugging and kissing her. Afterwards, they joined their celeb friends in their assigned karaoke room. As to who won karaoke night, sources reveal that it was Cyrus who won their little karaoke sing-off. Other celebrities in attendance include Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid and Courteney Cox.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were busy filming their bedroom escapades. But after viewing the tapes, they allegedly deleted them together. A source says that Cyrus’ sex life with Schwarzenegger consists of filming and taking some pictures. Afterwards, however, they delete the material. Additionally, the source reveals that Cyrus likes to use candy (lollipops) during their bedroom antics.

Some have even reported that Schwarzenegger has fallen for Cyrus’ “wild side” and is currently enjoying having “animalistic” sex life with her. So much so that he is willing to drop the trust fund that his parents have prepared for him when he turns 25 if he doesn’t steer clear of the singer (allegedly).

Another source shares that the relationship between the two originally started out as just sex — that it is “very physical” between them. But as the two continue to get to know each another, they ended up falling in love. And one way they want to profess their love and loyalty for one another is to get matching tattoos on their intimate body parts.

After slamming pregnancy rumors and going through yet another busy week after her nude photos on Instagram, Cyrus has paid tribute to Schwarzenegger by calling him as “the best boyfriend ever.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/calmdownlove

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