Doctor Who Series 10: Everything To Know About Peter Capaldi Led Series

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Doctor Who Series 10: Everything To Know About Peter Capaldi Led Series
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Doctor Who will be back for a 10th season. With Peter Capaldi playing the lead role one last time, anticipation for the upcoming season has already risen as fans struggle to make peace with his departure.

As the Twelfth doctor, Peter’s version of Time Lord has done a lot for the show. Rumors are currently circulating that a replacement for Capaldi is being looked at. Here is everything to know about the upcoming season.

Peter Capaldi’s Last series

As mentioned before this would be the last time fans will be looking at Peter Capaldi’s version of Doctor. He recently announced that the upcoming tenth season would be his last.

WhatCulture stated that this is in fact a good time for Peter to leave considering the showrunner of Doctor Who is going to change next year. According to the outlet, once a new Doctor is cast for next year’s series, the new showrunner Chris Chibnall will have full opportunity of telling the story his way.

As far as Capaldi’s replacement is concerned, there are names that have come up in recent time but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Mix of Writers

Second thing to know about the upcoming season is that this one will have a mix of old and new writers. While Steven Moffat has written the early episodes, but other writers like Mark Gatiss, Peter Harness, Mike Bartless and others have been brought aboard too.

Considering some of them have penned episodes of Doctor Who before, having a variety in the writing department has always contributed in a good way.

Travels to the Future and Past

Considering that the Doctor often hops into different time and eras, the new series will take fans to the future and to the past. According to the outlet, the Doctor in the second episode will be going to some futuristic alien city and to the past in the third episode.

While he certainly might be trying to impress his new companion with what he can do, it would be fun to see both the eras from the new companion’s point of view.


This season will see a new adversary to the Doctor going by the name “The Landlord.” Played by David Suchet, he will be a mysterious character who will prove to be one of the adversaries of the Doctor. As far as other adversaries are concerned, a girl made of wood and the Daleks will be appearing too.

Doctor Who season 10 led by Peter Capaldi will air on Apr. 15 this year.


Photo source: Facebook/Doctor Who

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