Doctor Who Series 10: Michelle Gomez Teases Missy v John Simm’s Master

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Doctor Who Series 10: Michelle Gomez Teases Missy v John Simm’s Master
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Trouble is brewing in the TARDIS: Doctor Who Series 10 will see two regenerations of the evil time lord called the Master. However, Michelle Gomez teased that her character Missy will be in conflict with John Simm’s the Master.

John Simm Returns to Doctor Who


Earlier this year, BBC announced that Simm is returning to the long-running sci-fi program. The actor previously played the role of the Master in Series 3 and Series 4. He antagonized David Tennant’s 10th Doctor before they both bowed out in the 2010 episode The End of Time.

But in Series 8, Gomez has taken over as the 12th Doctor’s frenemy. She first appeared in the episode Deep Breath before she was finally revealed as the current regeneration of the Master in the two-part finale Dark Water and Death in Heaven, making her the first female regeneration of the Master.

Fans can expect a team-up between the two Masters, but Missy would not be too happy that someone wants to take her spotlight. According to Gomez, the two regenerations of the evil time lord will be at odds with each other, at least in the beginning.

“Well, you’re going to find out that everything that happens is all a bit odd,” the actress shared in an interview with Radio Times. She also revealed that Missy and the Master will not initially get along. “Well, it’s not going to be very exciting to watch if there’s no conflict,” she stated.

She also praised award-winning screenwriter Steven Moffat who will step down as showrunner this Christmas. “That’s the thing about [head writer] Steven Moffat – you never know what’s going to happen next,” she said. “And even when you’ve been in the show – like this has been three years now – there’s no time to ever get too comfortable, or rest on your laurels, because there’s always going to be something. He always pulls the rug from under your feet.”

Missy To Exit Doctor Who

But her appearance with Simm in Doctor Who Series 10 might also be her last. The actress has announced that, after three years, she will also be departing the program this year. Both Moffat and Capaldi have confirmed their exit from the show.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actress explained that Moffat’s exit from the show led her to the decision to announce her departure. She said that the television scribe has been the voice that shaped her version of the Master and she just cannot imagine Missy in someone else’s hand.

She joked that she probably would regret her exit, but she is always open to returning to the show in the future. “Never say never,” she assured fans. She pointed out that like Simm, maybe new showrunner Chris Chibnall can bring Missy back in the future.

But before she officially says her farewell, fans will once again see the actress in action as the psychotic Missy in this week’s episode of Doctor Who. The character is expected to appear in the episode Extremis which will see a blind 12th Doctor meet with the Pope himself.

In Series 10 Episode 6, the Doctor and Bill (Pearl Mackie) heads to the Vatican when a translation of the ancient book known as The Veritas appears online. The book, which was hidden in the Haereticum, the secret library of the Vatican, causes anyone to ever read it to take their own lives. The episode also stars Matt Lucas as Nardole.

The preview for Extremis also teases the appearance of Gomez as Missy. Doctor Who Series 10 will air on Saturday, May 20, on BBC.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Doctor Who

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