Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Into the Dalek

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Into the Dalek
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

In the latest episode of “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 2 “Into the Dalek,” the cold side of the Doctor was shown, and a budding romance between Clara and a new teacher might just happen, but this would cause conflict. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Journey Blue is a Dalek and a pilot who was saved by the Doctor before it blew up. She and the Aristotle asked to return and  for medical assistance. This Dalek was sick, and she was different from the rest of the Daleks because her aim was to get rid of the rest of the Daleks.

In this episode, we also saw that the Doctor can be very logical but in a very cold way, which is why he’s not gaining so much approval from Whovians as of the moment. This was proven when he let Ross, a soldier, be killed by the Dalek’s antibodies and even made a snide remark about it.

The Dalek has been repaired, and things went back to normal. It became a real Dalek with an aim to kill humans. Twelve wasn’t so happy about this because they made a mistake by thinking that a Dalek can be good. Truth is, they really can’t. However, Clara was up for an argument, and she said that even though the Dalek went to its normal state, it only means that a Dalek is not impossible because they have seen a good Dalek a few minutes ago. Clara did her magic and tried to extract some “good” memories from the Dalek, and she found out that such memories were not deleted at all but blocked.

So the Doctor tried to get into the mind of the Dalek to show her how wonderful it is to have a peaceful universe. However, this made the Doctor’s mind very easy to penetrate. The Dalek was able to dive deeper into his mind, and she saw the Doctor’s overwhelming hate for the Daleks. Because of this, it becomes your usual Dalek — a bad one.

There was also a new teacher at Clara’s school named Danny Pink, an ex-soldier. Romantic involvement between the two is not impossible to happen. The question here is: How will the Doctor react to this if Clara started dating Danny Pink, who apparently is an ex-soldier? In fact, the Doctor turned down the Dalek’s request to join them in Tardie because she’s a soldier, while Hot Pink got emotional when kids asked him if he ever killed anyone. However, none of that emotional side got into the Doctor. Because of this, a conflict is looming, and we can’t wait to see how things will turn out.

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