Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Flatline

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Flatline
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

In the latest episode of “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 9 “Flatline,” Clara got to play Doctor this time. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The episode kicked off with a panicky man who was contacting someone when he got taken away by the unknown. This time around, we didn’t see who took him unlike in the previous episode. Meanwhile the Doctor was about to drop Clara back home when they saw the TARDIS smaller than usual. This excited the Doctor, and he asked Clara to look around while he investigates the TARDIS.

Clara came across several people who were cleaning up a mural. She met Rigsy, a young graffiti artist. She asked about the mural she saw under the bridge. He said that those represent the people who have gone missing. When Clara got back to TARDIS, she found that it was smaller than ever, but everything inside it were still normal-sized. However, the Doctor was trapped inside, but he gave Clara some tools that can help him see and hear what she’s doing outside.

Clara introduced herself as Doctor Oswald, and Rigsy took her to the apartment where they can investigate. She was rambling, and this freaked our Rigsy that Clara had no choice but to show her the TARDIS and the Doctor. They visited another missing person’s apartment. They were accompanied by a police officer. During their investigation, the police officer got sucked into the floor, but they weren’t able to save him. The Doctor saw the mural on the wall and realized that it was actually the circulation system of a person. When they were about to go out, they realized that every thing inside the room have flattened including the doorknob, which means that they can’t get out.

There was an escape. However, just when they were about to escape, Clara got a call from Danny. But since she was in the middle of something, she cancelled their date. All along, the Doctor could hear what they were talking about, and he wasn’t happy that Clara lied about Danny being okay with his relationship with Clara.

They got back to the community crew service who were about to clean up the murals but Clara stopped them because the Doctor thinks that those the missing people and they are actually trapped there. However, the head of the crew, Fenton, didn’t listen until a crew member who came close to the mural got sucked in. Every one ran. The Doctor came to the realization that whoever is behind it exists in two dimensions only, and he thought that the creatures were trying to communicate with the people. So Clara set up a speaker to hear what the creatures were saying, but they weren’t there to communicate at all as they kept on taking people.

The Doctor came up with another idea, and he handed Clara a device that could flatten and unflatten the environment. Meanwhile, the TARDIS has been losing energy, and it got damaged when Fenton knocked it off. The Doctor tried to crawl out of it in the middle of an incoming train; and Clara, Rigsy and Fenton were there as well. He revealed that he activated the TARDIS’ siege mode, but it has no power anymore. Rigsy limbed up the train to ram the train to the creatures, but the creatures flattened the train. Luckily, Clara saw the TARDIS on siege mode, and they all got inside.

Inside, Clara had an idea: she asked Rigsy to draw a picture of a door, and the Doctor lost hope and complimented Clara’s take on being the Doctor during that time. That’s when Clara revealed her plan. The creatures will be coming after the fake door, and through that, they will be able to restore power to the TARDIS. Her plan worked, and the creatures got trapped. The episode ended with Missy saying, “Clara, my Clara I have chosen well.”

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