Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Kill the Moon

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Kill the Moon
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

Doctor Who” Series 8 Episode 7 “Kill the Moon” was a big surprise to all Whovians out there. Clara and the Doctor started this episode with some negative emotions flowing around between them because Clara has discovered that the Doctor told Courtney, the young girl from last episode, that she was really not special. Ouch. The Doctor found Courtney in the TARDIS again, and he decided to give her an experience — to be the very first woman on the moon.

Clara wasn’t up for this idea, but the TARDIS already transformed into a space shuttle and was now on the moon in 2049. When they stepped out, they realized that the moon was so different as it wasn’t weightless anymore, and their shuttle was suddenly full of nuclear bombs to help them destroy the moon. But why would they destroy the moon?

They came across a female astronaut, Lundvik who had been sent there to fix the problem because the moon’s current state was creating such a natural disaster. All of them came across a survey station, and they discovered that 10 years ago, the people there were mysteriously killed. The Doctor then asked Lundvik why she only came to the moon now, and she told him that no one wanted to come anymore. Courtney was almost killed when she came across a spider, which turned out to be some sort of germ and that was when they realized that the moon was full of it.

Another revelation was that they weren’t on the moon, but it was such a huge egg, and it’s about to hatch. Thanks to the amniotic fluid that the Doctor extracted from it. Lundvik realized the real danger here and asked him how to kill it, but the Doctor didn’t answer, which angered Clara. To make matters worse, the Doctor left them.

They were all surprised by this, and Clara was pressured to make a decision. Lundvik started to scatter bombs all around it and said that in an hour, she will push the button, and it will explode, including them. Clara still indecisive ask the people from earth, and they wanted the same thing. But when it’s almost an hour, she and Courtney weren’t able to push the button to kill the creature. Right on cue, the Doctor swept them away in the TARDIS.

They got to a beach, and they watched the moon and a beautiful winged creature born. The Doctor, proud of his judgment, was asked by Clara if he knew all along that the creature was harmless. However, he didn’t answer the question and only told them that they have brought back humanity out there. Just when the whole world will never see a moon again, the creature dropped again a new egg in place of the moon.

Courtney and the Doctor were off to another adventure but was surprised when Clara tried to stop them. She was so mad at him because of what the Doctor did — leaving her in a situation like that. The Doctor explained to her that he knew Clara will make the right choice and swore that he didn’t had any idea on what happened. Clara made a choice right there and told the Doctor to leave, and she’s done with him. At the end of the episode, it looked like Clara regretted this decision but will she still be able to find the Doctor?

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