Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Listen

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Listen
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

After the whole adventure with Robin Hood, a new episode of “Doctor Who” is here. Episode 4 “Listen” started with the Doctor being moody and talking about the “perfect hider” — the person who follows every person throughout their whole lives but go unnoticed. He was determined to test his theories about the perfect hider. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Clara was out on a date with Danny Pink. It started off as great but ended horribly when they upset each other. She was on her way to her room when she came across the Doctor who needed her help to track down the perfect hider. He explained to Clara why he was so interested in finding the perfect hider — the dream that we all have where something grabs our foot from under the bed. Yes, we think we all had such dreams. However, Clara was doubtful about the perfect hider, while the Doctor was determined to prove his theory. He then hooked her to the TARDIS’ controls and asked her to think about the time and place where she had that dream, but she only got distracted with the thoughts of Danny.

With that being in her mind, they ended up outside a children’s home, and the Doctor told her that it was her, but Clara said no because she grew up in a very loving family. They went inside, and Clara found a child named Rupert Pink. She went to his room because Rupert was scared that someone might be under his bed, so Clara decided to help the child and convince him that no one’s hiding under his bed. They went under the bed to help him get over his fear, but then, while they were under the bed, they felt the bed move. When they crawled out, they saw a figure sitting on the bed. Suddenly, the Doctor appeared behind them and gave Rupert a speech about the goodness of being scared. He got them to turn their backs around the figure on the bed until the figure left.

Clara took Rupert to the bed, and she grabbed a toy soldier and told him a story about it. Rupert named the toy soldier “Dan the Soldier Man,” and it dawned on Clara that she was talking to a young Danny Pink! With that realization, she begged the Doctor to take her back to the exact moment that she left the restaurant because she wanted to make things right between her and Danny. The Doctor obliged, and the date was going well again until Clara blurted out that she knows that Danny’s real name is Rupert. However, before Danny could question her how she knew about this, the Doctor beckoned Clara to come to the kitchen. The Doctor was already in a space suit, and Clara was so pissed because she was on a date.

She later realized that the man wearing the space suit wasn’t the Doctor — it was Orson Pink, Danny’s descendant from 100 years in Clara’s future. The Doctor went out of his way to find him so he could figure out why Clara’s thoughts sent her to the past of Rupert. They went back where Orson came from, and it was only Orson there. It seems like Orson was the very first human time traveler.

The Doctor told Orson that there is a huge possibility that he’s not the last living being because his own personal perfect hider is still around. He then pointed to the exit door being locked in Danny’s home, and we heard Frederic Brown’s shortest and most horrific story ever, “Knock.” “The last man of earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…” Danny later then thinks that Clara is his great grandmother.

When Clara and the Doctor were outside the TARDIS waiting for signs of the perfect hider from outside Danny’s shelter, the shelter started making noises until the Doctor heard a knock, and he ushered Clara to get in. She tried to watch from the inside, but the next thing she saw was the Doctor trying to hold on to the console as the air gets sucked out of the shelter. Luckily, Orson was able to rescue the Doctor and was able to bring him back to the TARDIS where the knocking started again. Since the Doctor wasn’t in a good shape, Clara took matters into her own hands.

She left the TARDIS to see where they have landed and found herself in a barn, where a child was crying under his covers on his bed. Clara went up to him, and it was Rupert again or maybe Orson. Just when he was about to ask him what was bothering him, two adults came inside the room to berate the child for being weak while the mother was more sympathetic. It turned out that the child didn’t want to go to the academy, and they weren’t talking about an academy for those who wish to join the military but an academy for Time Lords.

Clara was so shocked with this revelation that when the child stood up to get out of bed, she grabbed the child’s foot and another thing was revealed to her: she was the perfect hider. When Clara got back inside the TARDIS, the Doctor was now feeling better and told him that he should never look up where they are. They dropped Orson off, and Clara went to Danny’s apartment to rekindle their romance.

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