Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Mummy on the Orient Express

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Mummy on the Orient Express
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

In the latest episode of “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 8 “Mummy on the Orient Express” (Oct. 8, 2014), the Doctor and Clara almost parted ways. However, things took a sudden turn in the end. Read on for the full recap.

The episode opened during the 1900s with an old woman and her granddaughter having dinner in a train. During their dinner, the old woman saw a mummy coming for her, but she was the only one who can see it. After a few seconds, she just mysteriously died. They all thought that the old woman died of a heart attack.

The scene changed as Doctor and Clara were about to hop on the space train. It was surprising that things look fine between them after what happened in the previous episode. It turned out that this was their “parting” adventure. It’s their last hurrah because Clara doesn’t want to go with the Doctor anymore on adventures after what happened.

The Doctor has convinced Clara that this adventure has no danger at all. He then examined Maisie (granddaughter) grandmother’s wheelchair and was caught by the chief engineer, Perkins. They both shared they’re suspicions, and they immediately hit it off while Clara was with Maisie in a locked storage. The Doctor then went to talk to Professor Moorhouse, who’s an expert at the mummy or the Foretold. Moorhouse told him that the Foretold can kill in 66 seconds. During the whole conversation, the Foretold has taken another life. After hearing all about this, the Doctor went to see Captain Queen. He confronted him about why he’s not facing such issue when he knows that something like the Foretold has been going around in his train.

Meanwhile, Clara and Maisie were still in the security storage, and they were talking about Maisie’s grandmother and the Doctor. The Doctor then called Clara to check in on her and told her that there might be some danger in the train. He got arrested because Quell found out that he’s hiding his true identity until another death happened. It was only then that they decided to release the Doctor.

The Doctor then talked to all of the passengers, and they all shared their insights on the Foretold. Moorhouse said that the Foretold needs to actually hear something to stop it. The Doctor tried to figure out things on his own, and he found out that the Foretold targets the weak by sucking its energy in 66 seconds.

Then they realized that the next victim is Maisie. So the Doctor immediately called Clara and told her to bring Maisie. Clara lied to Maisie and took her to the Doctor. Once there, the Foretold came for her. But before she could die, the Doctor switched places with her, and he saw that the Foretold is actually a soldier. Before he could take the life out of him, he surrendered, and then the Foretold quickly vanished.

However, Clara was upset to find the TARDIS behind the forcefield. This was why she doesn’t want to come with the Doctor anymore, especially that the Doctor actually promised her that they were going on a safe trip. Just when the Doctor has made the Foretold go away, Gus tried to kill everyone. However, the Doctor managed to save everyone by teleporting them to the TARDIS. The episode ended with Clara and the Doctor finally understanding each other and going together for another adventure.

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