Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Robot of Sherwood

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Robot of Sherwood
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

The latest episode of “Doctor Who,” Series 8 Episode 3 “Robot of Sherwood,” had a fairy tale twist to it that was hilarious and was definitely a lighter take on things after the Doctor got into the Dalek in the previous episode. Read on for the full recap.

The episode started with Clara and the Doctor talking about time and space. The Doctor asked Clara where she wants to go. Clara told him that she wants to go see Robin Hood, and they had a bit of argument for a while regarding Robin Hood’s “realness.” Still, the Doctor took Clara and tried to prove that Robin Hood isn’t real.

Surprise, surprise! Robin Hood (Tom Riley) was real after all, and he revealed that he wants to steal the Tardis. The Doctor told him that it’s not going to happen. Robin’s reaction to that? He pulled a sword on him, and the Doctor responded with his idea of a sword — a spoon. The two soon got into a sword fight, if you can call it that. The Doctor tried to trick Robin, and that got Robin fell off the creek, but he wasn’t going to go anywhere without getting what he wants. He quickly jumped up from behind the Doctor and knocked him into the water.

And while the Doctor and Robin were fighting, we saw the Sheriff of Nottingham harassing the villagers, getting their gold and taking a woman to work for him and murdering her father.

Robin introduced Clara to his men, while the Doctor grabbed some hair and even blood from these men just to prove that they are not real. The men just ignored the Doctor. We also learned that Robin was upset because Marian got kidnapped, and there was an archery contest, which was actually a trap. As for the Doctor, he continued to be persistent on his point of view regarding imaginary heroes.

The archery competition happened. Of course, Robin Hood won, and then there were robots. Capaldi immediately surrendered the group to the Sheriff and his robots because he knew that it was the best way to find out the Sheriff’s plans. The Doctor, Robin Hood and Clara were tied up in a dungeon; and then Clara was taken away for interrogation. Clara found out that the robots crash landed, and it was the Sheriff who found them. He was going to use them to take over the world. It also turned out that the castle was actually a spaceship, and it was headed to the Promised Land and was sending projection based on the legends of Robin Hood.

With this revelation, the Doctor told Robin Hood that he is not real, and then the Sheriff barged in on them. However, Robin was able to escape. On the other hand, the Doctor was left alone with the Sheriff, and he found out that he was collecting gold to repair the ship. Robin forced Clara to tell him the truth about who they really are and what they know about his legends.

The Sheriff has revved up the spaceship and was almost ready to launch but realized that it didn’t have enough power, which means that it’s going to destroy half the nation. The Doctor did something to reflect the lasers back at the Sheriff’s men, and the villagers were able to escape. Then again, he still accused Robin Hood as one of the Sheriff’s robots. However, that wasn’t true.  Robin Hood and the Sheriff got into battle, but the Sheriff was defeated, and they were able to leave the spaceship. But before that, Clara, Robin Hood and the Doctor shot an arrow to the spaceship as it launches into space so it can leave the atmosphere.

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