Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Time Heist

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Time Heist
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

The latest episode of “Doctor Who,” Episode 5 “Time Heist,” kicked off in Clara’s room where she was being persuaded by the Doctor to come with him for more adventures. Clara didn’t want to go because she has a date, but then the TARDIS’s phone rings, which is very unusual because no one really calls that number. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Then the scene changed, and Clara and the Doctor were holding worms together with two strangers in a very strange place. Their memories got wiped out by the worms, and they had to listen to an audio that explained a certain procedure. There was a mysterious figure called the Architect who told them that they were going to rob a very secure bank in the universe, Karabraxos.

Clara and the Doctor were with two strangers, a cyborg hacker and Saibra who has the power to shapeshift. They entered the bank, and there, they met a very dangerous threat — the head of security who’s can feed on the brains of guilty people. We all know that they are all guilty because they are on a mission to rob a bank!

They entered a private room to get underground that will lead them to the bank. When they got there, there was another package from the Architect and the Doctor immediately identified it as an escape strategy. They split up into twos, and when they got back together, unfortunately, Clara set the teller off, and they all tried to escape. However, Saibra got caught by the teller. The Doctor gave her the escape strategy, and Saibra used it. But before she disappeared, she told the Doctor that he’s a good man.

The Doctor did not mind what Saibra said to keep the rest of the group moving. Ms. Delphox unleashed the teller to track them down, while Psi tried to unlock the vault. Clara and the Doctor tried to lure the teller to save Psi. but Clara got caught by the teller. Instead, Psi sacrificed himself for her because he doesn’t have any memories anymore.

The Doctor and Clara got to the vault, and they were able to figure out what’s really behind the bank heist, which is actually a “Time Heist.” They opened the three vaults and found cures for Psi and Saibra’s conditions, but before they got to the third vault, the teller got to them. As for Ms. Delphox, she sentenced them to incineration, and she leaves the guards to do this. Turns out, the two guards were Psi and Saibra.

They all got to the last vault, and it was Karabraxo’s private vault after all. It turned out that Karabraxos was actually Ms. Delphox, more like her clone. A revelation came to the Doctor, and he then gave his phone number to Karabraxos and told her to call him when she is old and regretful. Then he invited the teller into his mind. The teller saw a lot of hidden memories, and then Karabraxos called the Doctor from her deathbed to ask him a favor. We saw him develop and set up a plan to rob the bank. The Doctor was the Architect all along.

Back in the present time, the Doctor told the teller that he can do whatever he wants to do, so the teller opened a door inside Karabraxo’s private vault, and it was revealed to them that it wasn’t actually a bank heist, but it was actually a rescue mission for a whole species.

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