Doctor Strange 2: Scott Derrickson Hints Sequel Might Not Happen For A While

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Doctor Strange 2: Scott Derrickson Hints Sequel Might Not Happen For A While
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Doctor Strange was a massive hit at the box office. Despite the fact that fans outside the comic book zone are not too aware of the hero, Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliance got the movie enough attention and praise.

With a movie in the MCU establishing itself as a successful one, any fan might think that a sequel will be given the green light soon. However, if Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is concerned, the sequel might not happen for a while.

This is the update he offered about a potential sequel.

Not anytime soon

Movie Web reported that on the occasion of the movie’s release on Digital DVD/Blu-ray, Derrickson was asked about the movie’s sequel. He sat down and stated that he has no idea when the sequel will happen.

Explaining that people at Marvel are currently busy with other projects, he has no idea where Doctor Strange 2 fits in. With the studio’s hands currently full wit the production of other Marvel movies, it would be hard for the studio to call anyone for any other thing.

Marvel is currently shooting Avengers: Infinity War, which is touted to be their biggest movie yet. With Thanos invading Earth in search of Infinity stones, all the heroes will be busy trying to protect the world from the mad titan.

There are also other solo movies like Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok that the studio is dealing with, which would make it even more difficult for them to focus on a new solo movie.

Willingness to direct

Despite not knowing when the sequel of Doctor Strange will happen, Derrickson expressed interest that he would still be on-board to direct it.

Once the movie is given the green light, events from the first movie can be taken further and dealt with. With the way it ended, the possibility of taking the story forward is limitless.

In the first one, Mordo stole Pangborn’s energy that he was using to walk and declared that there were too many sorcerers on Earth. With this scene hinting that Mordo could be going evil, he can be explored as the main villain for the sequel as it would take fans much deeper in the comic books.

Ideas for the sequel

Derrickson seems to have some ideas for the sequel as he subtly shared what he would be willing to explore in the sequel. According to the director, when the movie happens, he will not rule anything out.

The theory of multiverses and alternate dimensions which were explored in the first movie can offer some possibilities for the sequel. He also referred to the fact that the comics used to explore different and weird storylines can be adapted in the sequel.

Other projects

Till the time the sequel happens, Derrickson mentioned that he has been laying low. However, he has been looking to get back and dramatic television is what is intriguing him for now.

He stated that he has read some good pilots and he might even do one of them before he does Doctor Strange 2.  

Doctor Strange’s appearance

As far as Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is concerned, he will be appearing in this year’s Thor: Ragnarok. He appeared in a mid-credits scene where Thor could be seen asking him for help.

After discussion about bringing Loki back to Earth, Strange agreed to help Thor find Odin. Apart from the Thor movie, Strange will also be seen in Avengers: Infinity War and might as well become one of the new members of the Avengers.

The studio will probably wrap up Phase 3 before Doctor Strange 2 is announced. Until then, Strange will have had collaborated with other heroes and gone up against Thanos, who is undoubtedly one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel universe.

It remains to be seen when the Doctor Strange 2 release date will be announced.


Photo source: Facebook/Doctor Strange

Facebook/Doctor Strange

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