‘Doctor Strange’ update: Rachel McAdams To Star Opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Doctor Strange’ update: Rachel McAdams To Star Opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.

Superhero is one genre Rachel McAdams has not touched yet. After having turned down the role of Pepper Potts in “Iron Man” even though she was the top choice, many often wonder why hasn’t she gotten her hands dirty in one of the most profitable genres in the business yet. A new update says quite the opposite. Read on.

According to Slash Film, McAdams has been offered to star in“Doctor Strange” as the female lead opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. “Doctor Strange” is said to be the most powerful sorcerer in the comic world and the supreme protector against threats, which are mystical in nature.

Nothing was yet confirmed about “Doctor Strange,” which is a Phase-Three production from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the “True Detective” star had something to say about it. Talking about it, she confirmed that discussions about taking a role are going on currently.  McAdams mentioned that she “does not have much to talk about it right now and if there is something happening she would let everyone know.”

However, Los Angeles Times was able to get her to be more forthcoming about her roles. She confessed that she is not a “comic-book snob” and it’s too early to talk about whether or not she will be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Justifying her decisions about the roles that she does not take, she said that it’s often out of her own insecurities and she believes in bringing her best to the table. So if she is not connecting with a role, she does not like to hold her end of the bargain.

If she does choose to take a role in “Doctor Strange,” it is being speculated that she might take up the role of Clea. The character is the Sorcerer Supremes’ student and the only one who could match his abilities.

Apart from Cumberbatch in the lead role, the movie also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton in undisclosed roles.

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