Doctor Who Christmas Special Recap: Last Christmas

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Christmas Special Recap: Last Christmas
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival. February 12, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Stuart Crawford

Doctor Who” Christmas special, “Last Christmas,” is by far one of the best Christmas specials the show has ever had since 2005.  Read on for the full recap.

The Doctor encountered a “dream crab” — it’s a parasite that reads one’s thoughts and traps a person in a dream state while it eats the whole brain. Once the dream crab got through, it then followed the Doctor’s thoughts, which led it to Clara’s brain.

We then saw the Doctor flying to Earth to get Clara so they could both go to the North Pole. It turned out that this dream was actually a shared hallucination. The Doctor was actually on the alien planet while Clara was in her bed, and both have crabs on their faces.

The whole Christmas special was all about exploring dreams within dreams. It’s quite terrifying but at the same time enjoyable. And the whole Santa Claus thing only represented the Doctor. It meant that the Doctor is not someone you know, but someone you believe in. Whovians were able to witness a proper send off to Danny Pink as well. Just when they thought that Jenna Coleman wasn’t returning anymore as Clara, it looked like adventure is still up ahead for the Doctor and Clara!

When we saw the part where Clara grew old and happy without the Doctor beside her, we thought that they’re not going to get together anymore and go on adventures. Then again, the Doctor made a wish to Santa. When they both woke up from their dreams, both realized that they still have more adventures to share together.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons/Stuart Crawford

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