Doctor Who Series 8 Finale Recap: Death in Heaven

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Finale Recap: Death in Heaven
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

What’s the Doctor and Clara going to do now that Missy is set to wreak havoc? What happens to Danny? Read on to find out what happened on “Doctor Who” Episode 12 “Death in Heaven.” 

The episode kicked off with Clara claiming to be the Doctor. The real Doctor showed off her army of Cybermen, and there were tourists who were taking selfies with the Cybermen. When Osgood came up to them, the tourists revealed their true selves as UNIT soldiers. Kate Steward tossed the head of a cyberman at Missy’s feet. Missy anticipated that such a thing would happen — the cyberman launched itself into the sky exploding into a cloud.

Missy revealed that the rain from that cloud will revive the dead and turn them into new Cybermen. Yes, she’s really on her way to world domination, and she plans to take the Doctor with her. Meanwhile, Danny was still in the Nethersphere.

Missy and the Doctor were tranquilized. Kate took both of them to a plane, and she freed the Doctor in order to get the TARDIS back. They couldn’t get to Clara, but the Doctor insisted Clara must be brought to him. Surprisingly, Kate had another update for the Doctor when she revealed that he got elected as President of the Earth.

Meanwhile, Missy woke up. She told the Doctor that she knows the location of Gallifrey, but she’s not going to tell him where it is. He left while Missy activated a mysterious bracelet on her wrist. Missy was able to free herself. She killed Osgood then commanded the Cybermen to attack the plane. She also revealed to the Doctor that it was her all along — it was her who gave him Clara. The TARDIS phone rang, but before he could answer, Kate was sucked out of the hole. The Doctor and the TARDIS followed, but the Doctor was able to hold on to his life.

Meanwhile, Clara was still trying to distract the Cybermen by pretending to be the Doctor. It was until a Cyberman came up to her and just stared. It was Danny. He told her that she has to activate his core so he will not feel the pain anymore. Clara was weeping, and she was about to activate Danny’s core. The Doctor appeared and told her not to do that because they can use Danny to get into the minds of the Cybermen and know Missy’s plan.

However, Clara still went for it and activated Danny’s core while Missy got to the cemetery with the Cybermen. She was commanding them, but the Doctor noticed that Danny wasn’t following. Clara was holding on to him in a very tight embrace.

Missy surprised the Doctor by revealing to him that the army was her present to him because she knows that he always wanted something like this. The Doctor was shocked and told her that that it’s not something that he wants, but Missy didn’t believe him. Danny embraced Clara back, and the Doctor knew then that he would never hurt Clara.

The Doctor then went on his own to destroy Missy. He tossed the bracelet to Danny, and then Danny commanded the army to save the land of the living. Missy’s plan has gone down to ashes, but she told the Doctor that they could go back to Gallifrey together. Clara was about to kill her when the Doctor stopped her. He didn’t want Clara to do it, so he’s going to do it instead. Just when he’s about to, a shot came to her coming from a Cyberman. They found Kate’s body in the grass, still alive. 

Two weeks after that, Clara woke up to the sound of Danny’s voice. She thought she was back from the dead because the bracelet has the power to bring dead people back to life. Instead, Danny chose to bring back the boy he accidentally killed when he was still a soldier. Clara was heartbroken, but he understood.

Clara met up with the Doctor at the local café, but she didn’t reveal that Danny is still dead. The Doctor assumed that he is, and she doesn’t want to be in his service anymore. Clara tried to reason out with him, but she failed. The Doctor wouldn’t have it and said that he’s found Gallifrey, and he’s going there. However, the truth was Missy lied to him, and he still doesn’t know where Gallifrey is. They went their separate ways.

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