Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Dark Water

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Doctor Who Series 8 Recap: Dark Water
Capaldi at the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival

In the latest episode of “Doctor Who” Series 8, Episode 11 “Dark Water,” it seemed that Clara was already in love with Danny. For the first time ever, she’s ready to say the L word. However, just when she’s about to, Danny got hit by a car! Did he die? 

Clara went immediately to the place of the accident and was devastated when she found out that Danny didn’t make it. She went back to her apartment and picked up the phone to call the Doctor, but he’s not answering. Eventually, he did answer, oblivious to the fact of what his companion was going through at the moment. Clara didn’t say anything yet to him when she got to the TARDIS.

The Doctor requested that they visit a volcano, but Clara was preoccupied, searching for the keys of the TARDIS. She gathered all the keys and knocked the doctor with a sleeping patch. When the Doctor woke, they were already in the volcano, and he saw Clara holding the keys. She said that Danny’s dead, and she’s going to fix it. If he doesn’t help her, she’s going to break all the keys, which meant that the Doctor will no longer have access to the TARDIS.

Of course, he didn’t agree just yet to help Clara, so she dropped the keys one by one in the boiling lava, and then it hit Clara what she’s done. Now that she’s dropped the keys, she will no longer be able to get to Danny, and they will be stuck in that volcano.

However, the Doctor pulled her out of her sorrow by telling her that what happened wasn’t real, and the sleeping patch that she placed on him just transformed her in a dream state. The Doctor took it off, and just like that, they were back in the TARDIS again. The Doctor admitted that he did that intentionally to see how far Clara would go. And then he told her to “Go to hell,” which she took literally and was about to leave the TARDIS until the Doctor stopped her. He told her that if she wants to find Danny, they are going to need to go to hell, literally.

The Doctor then told her, “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” Clara cried, and the Doctor told her to stop and said that she needs to toughen up, especially now that she needs to focus on where Danny is. Clara gathered herself and focused, and the TARDIS started to respond.

Meanwhile, Danny woke up to find that he was in the Nethersphere, and Seb was there, Missy’s righthand man. Danny didn't have a clue that he’s dead, and this concerned Seb because Danny might just get cremated. Clara and the Doctor were transported into a huge mausoleum with the walls full of water tanks, with each water tank has a skeleton in it.

They soon learned that the tanks were owned by 3W, and then Missy suddenly appeared who pretended to be a droid of the company. She gave the Doctor a long kiss, and she called Doctor Change, who could help Clara find Danny.

Seb asked Danny if he killed anyone, and Danny said he killed a boy. He met the boy there, but the boy doesn’t want to talk to him because he’s still upset that he killed him. In doctor Chang’s office, he told them about the skeletons and the water where the skeletons were in didn't show metal. The skeletons were held by some kind of metal to stay in place. Moreover, he revealed that the dead still have their consciousness after they die, and they could still feel everything that’s happening to their body and even let them hear a man screaming, “Don’t cremate me!”

Back where Danny and Seb was, Seb told Danny that there’s a call for him from Clara, while the Doctor sensed that something’s not right. He then warned Clara to not get too comfortable and not too be trusting, and he left with Dr. Change. The water from the tanks was drained, and the Doctor came face to face with Cybermen. He went out of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which meant that this was big trouble because he’s in London, and there were Cybermen.

Clara finally got to talk to Danny, and Clara wanted to make sure that she’s really talking to Danny by asking some questions. However, Danny couldn’t focus so Clara gave up talking to him. When she turned around, she found out that she couldn’t get out of the room, and there’s a Cyberman with her. Danny was weeping, and Seb came to him to tell him that he can make all the pain go away with a single click on the iPad. Danny clicked on the delete button found under his name.

Back in London, the Doctor screamed at the people to run, but Missy told them that he’s just a madman. She revealed that her name is actually short for Mistress.

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